Chieftain vs Hydra & Triple Basilisk

Chieftain vs Hydra & Triple Basilisk

Many commanders will recall the widely circulated transmission in early 3304 between an independent pilot and the scientist Ram Tah.  In the transmission, the pilot was flying a Chieftain and was in the middle of battling a Medusa Interceptor.  Many people expressed disbelief that a ship like the Chieftain could take on a Medusa toe-to-toe, especially because at the time the ship had a lack of Anti-Xeno offensive capabilities due to its unique hardpoint configuration.  With the advent of Class 1 Guardian Gauss Cannons, the gap in offensive power between the Chieftain and other laudable ships, such as the Krait Mk2, has shrunk significantly.  The Chieftain is now widely considered one of the strongest Anti-Xeno ships out there.

But it takes great piloting skills to push the limits of hardware.  Recently, CMDR Aranionros Stormrage of the Anti-Xeno Initiative, has achieved legendary status by pitting his Chieftain against a Hydra and no less than three Basilisks.  He combined great flying maneuvers, tactical low-temperature stealth, and superb fixed-weapon aiming skills to dispatch all four interceptors in less than 80 minutes (yours truly would probably take three of four times as long to achieve a similar stunt).

It should also be noted that CMDR Aranionros Stormrage was very patient in achieving this kill.  He reported spending nearly a week trying to get hyperdicted by a Hydra and three Basilisks, a tremendous achievement in and of itself.

Recently, CMDR Maligno was able to achieve the same kill in a Krait Phantom.  The fight lasted 2 hours and 28 minutes, but the boring parts (repair, rearm) were edited out.

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