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Study of Hyperdiction Statistics

1. Introduction Ever since the Thargoids made their return known in human space in late 3303, commanders have been interdicted directly out of hyperspace by Thargoid Interceptors, a phenomenon that…

Chieftain vs Hydra & Triple Basilisk

Many commanders will recall the widely circulated transmission in early 3304 between an independent pilot and the scientist Ram Tah.  In the transmission, the pilot was flying a Chieftain and…
AX Large Showcase

Large AX Weapon Showcase

CMDR Gluttony Fang, demonstrates some of the Large AX weapons whilst in command of his Python.  
Medusa Solo

Guide To The Medusa

CMDR Robbie takes us through engaging and defeating a Medusa variant Thargoid Interceptor.

Gauss Cannon & Plasma Charger

A video demonstration of the efficacy of Guardian Gauss and Plasma Chargers – Pilot in command CMDR Gluttony Fang
A Cyclops Variant

AXI Guide – The Cyclops

The A.X.I. Guide to Engaging and Defeating a Cyclops variant interceptor – Written by CMDR Synoxys