The Ace of Dalfur

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The Ace of Dalfur


Many have questioned Canonn’s recent move joining forces with the Anti-Xeno Initiative and directly supplying intelligence to aid the battle for the bubble against the Thargoids. Rest assured that our primary focus is first and foremost science.

With humanity under threat, we are honour bound to apply our analytical talents to save as many lives as possible.. However the Anti-Xeno Initiative will be fighting the scouts with or without us, so our information sharing agreement enables us to get access to large quantities of Thargoid materials for study.

For instance the propulsion elements recovered from destroyed scouts could hold the key to more advanced frameshift technology.

It is tragic that these ostensibly beautiful Thargoid creatures have to be destroyed in the process but if they are not held back then mankind would be overrun. It is essential then that these creatures, if indeed they are creatures, be killed as quickly and humanely as possible to minimise their suffering.

No commander has been more successful at gathering Thargoid materials than Commander JohnTAss and none more humane. In the defence of Dalfur he has dispatched over a thousand Thargoid Scouts reducing them to their components in as little as 10 seconds in some cases.

Independent pilot CMDR JohnTAss’ ship Permethrin is an engineered python running 4 Turreted AX Multi-Canons and one standard. We asked him to share his build and his thoughts on its performance:

I started out with a chieftain but I wanted to get faster kills, so I tried an FDL but I didn’t like the lack of hull so I moved to the python. To kit it out I just moved the HRP’s and utilities of the chieftain modules.

It’s basically a AX multicannon build.There are a lot of core components that are way more than needed in this build, but I use the python for lots of things. Also, this is in no way an optimized build, it’s a lot of parts that I had laying around. 🙂

I really like this build on the python, in that pip management was easy and the dps was pretty good. I keep the pips 3.5 in sys, 2 in eng, .5 in wep. Also, the turret placement on the python allows a huge time on target. Usually, the scouts get killed fast enough that they don’t fire missiles, but if they do I try to outrun them. Sometimes, I just tank the hit and burn it off at the end of combat.

Direct link to CMDR JohnTAss’ build (including engineered modules) on ED Shipyard

Python Wireframe with permission from Anthony Hunt –


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