Crashed Thargoid Scout #2

Crashed Thargoid Scout #2

A crashed Thargoid Scout can be found on Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-4 body 2 a, located at -60.2105, 41.1846 (in Live/4.0) or at -60.8799, 42.5728 (in Legacy/3.8).

The crash site is surrounded by Thargoid Technology Samples, Thargoid Biological Matter, and Thargoid Resin.

There is a data point to target with your SRV’s data link scanner, this will give you a waypoint that makes further visits easier, and returns a ship analysis:

…Material Analysis complete…
…High concentrations of mycoid particle detected…
…Searching known databases for identification…
…Results confirmed…
Designation: Thargoid Scout

This is the second crashed Thargoid Scout found, unlike the previous crash this one appears to have crashed ‘side-on’. A third crashed Thargoid Scout has since been found.

Crashed Thargoid Scout Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-4 2 a

Crashed Thargoid Scout in Pleiades Sector LN-T c3-4 on body 2 a – showing crash direction

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