Dr Arcanonn Responds to Thargoid Revelation

Dr Arcanonn Responds to Thargoid Revelation


Doctor Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has issued a statement from the Gnosis concerning the recent discovery that the so-called Unknown Ships are in fact of Thargoid origin.

Finally, the Thargoids have revealed themselves, moving from the shadows into the starlight. We cannot predict where this road will lead, but surely there is no way back. We stand at a precipice, staring into the abyss…yet we can take some comfort from the fact that humanity has faced this threat before and prevailed.

The first reports of Unknown Artefacts – riddles in space – now seem so long ago. How could we have known it would come to this?

Rest assured that should the worst happen, should governments fall and our civilisation be shaken to its very foundations, Canonn will stand against the darkness.


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