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Desperately Seeking Stronzini

At 17:01 on the 18th December 3306 the Canonn alert server received a message from the ship of Commander Stronzini informing us that the FSS Scanner had detected a Threat…

Geological Survey 23B

This abandoned settlement on Musca Dark Region PJ-P B6-1 3 in the Coalsack contains audio messages related to an expedition led by Penelope Carver funded by Azimuth Biochemicals and which…

Testing Professor Shaw’s Hypothesis

Testing Professor Shaw’s Hypothesis on the Thargoid homeworld CMDR’s Proasek, WyldxPhoenix, DudleyBose IV Abstract: On the seventh of April 3304, Professor Cora Shaw of the Palin Institute published a speculative…

Galactic Bugle 13: Change

Welcome to the 13th Edition of the Galactic Bugle! This week I’ll be using this article to convey a list of the changes going into the Bugle, as well as a few recent happenings around the Human Bubble.

Eyes Elsewhere

While all eyes have been on the Thargoid incursions into the bubble, one commander has been busy surveying the areas surrounding Merope to see whether the extent of the Thargoid range has changed.

What he has found so far is that the Sphere does appear to have expanded out beyond 174ly…

Thargoid Tissue Sampling

Thargoid Tissue Sampling Techniques

It is possible to obtain tissue samples from the Thargoids using the Research Limpet (availability on eddb). There are several ways to do this, and several ways to find Thargoids…
Hydra Interceptor by CMDR Node_

The Thargoids

The Return of the Thargoids Introduction The Thargoid Ship is an alien vessel of confirmed origin. Examples of this alien ship were first encountered on January 5, 3303; Commanders were…

Biscuit Bugle Article 10: Thargoids and The Gnosis

Welcome Commanders to the 10th article of the Biscuit Bugle! This week we’ll be covering the recent events that have unfolded in the Pleiades area of space, along with a few announcements.

Biscuit Bugle PSA: Pleiades Evacuation

This is an important announcement from the Citizens for a Vivisection Free Humanity

The Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades, and are currently swarming over Maia and its surrounding areas. All civilians are to evacuate immediately, for those without ships please report to the nearest designated evacuation point.