Virus Outbreak – foldingathome team

Virus Outbreak – foldingathome team

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During the current outbreak many of you will be fearful and anxious for the future. Some of you may already be affected by the Virus either economically or through the loss of your freedoms or even from infection. Here at Canonn we hope that all of you will stay safe and well until the crisis is over. And as a bare minimum heed the advice of your respective local authorities.

We would urge you to take all possible precautions for yourselves and your loved ones. It is true that the chances of you as an individual catching the virus is vanishingly small and we hope you take comfort in that, but please remember that there is a 100% chance that *someone* will catch it. So do not take any risks, don’t let it be you.

While you might be feeling helpless right now, there is something you can assist with to help to fight the virus.

Canonn have set up a team on to donate cpu and gpu cycles to a supercomputer that is searching for a cure for the COVID-19 Virus. Please consider joining us.

Our team id is 242507

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