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Gnosis – I’m Going Home

With the Gnosis back home in Varati, we commence her decommissioning. Switch off the centrifuges, disable the chromatographs, unplug the electron microscopes and lock away the glassware. We’re going home.

Canonn Competition Closes

The Gnosis is finally back in Varati after many years of adventures in the black and now starts its new role as a tour bus around the bubble. Back in…

Gnosis Competition

To commemorate all the fun times we have had with the Gnosis megaship, we are running an open competition to create a video based on or around the Gnosis.

Fleet Carrier Customer Support Call

CMDR LCU No Fool Like One became stranded on the way to the Lemon Slice nebula and put in a call to the Brewer Corporation customer support line…

The Dark Wheel

Turning the Wheel

Important Announcement

It has come to the council’s attention that there is an initiative to increase the influence of the organisation known as The Dark Wheel, and that it may be supported by a broad coalition of factions.

Virus Outbreak – foldingathome team

Canonn have set up a team on to donate cpu and gpu cycles to a supercomputer that is searching for a cure for the COVID-19 Virus. Please consider joining us. Our team id is 242507

Thargoid Message

Thargoid Message A new link message has been received from the Thargoids which some people have said is connected to the departure of Ed Lewis. Due to so many of…

A Fond Look Back

Below is a video featuring a fond look back at some of the highlights of Ed Lewis being ‘educated’ in the Educating Ed episodes featuring Canonn Research. Also contains a…

Here We Go

As we start to think about battening the hatches and warming up the jump computers, we take a quiet moment to think of those we care about, where we’re going, and what might be waiting for us there.

We salute you, all. Let’s do this.