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Thargoid Message

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Thargoid Message

A new link message has been received from the Thargoids which some people have said is connected to the departure of Ed Lewis. Due to so many of our commanders suffering gin induced impairment we are appealing to the rest of the Galactic community for help decoding it.

The message has a number of features which are similar to normal Thargoid Link messages but instead of providing the location of a target system as we have seen in the past, this uses a ternary encoding scheme which has each letter encoded using three ternary bits, also known as trits or more amusingly as tits.

The preamble can be viewed in a spectogram to show a diagram of a system. The identity of that system may be the key to decoding the rest of the message.

Commander LCU No Fool Like One gave the following statement on Hutton Orbital Radio:

This is unprecedented. If this is not an elaborate hoax, then this is huge news. The first attempt of the Thargoids to communicate with us directly


Please Note:

This specific Thargoid Link transmission was created by our scientists to mark the celebrations in honour of Ed Lewis, and released in concert with the Canonn report from the Gnosis celebrations aired during the Hutton Orbital Radio broadcast linked below.


Write up by LCU No Fool Like One:


Recent Community-created Thargoid Link puzzle

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