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Truckers up Teide


We are pleased to announce that The Hutton Truckers have invited the community to take part in a fundraising race. But this is no ordinary race by no means. This event is taking place in game and also at a place on Earth (Sol System).

The Event is the Truckers Up Teide.

On the 11th of November 3304 (2018), 14 of the magnificent truckers will be attempting a hike and bike to get to the top of Mount Teide in Tenerife (Which is a Volcano).

They will attempt to ascend the 3718m to the top of the volcano after biking the 63km from the coast. The hike itself is estimated to be 3 hours long and its all in aid of Special Effect and Hearing Dogs.

This was all decided at the yearly Lavecon in 2017 as “Something properly difficult”.

As this happens an event (another climb) will be held ingame in the Magec System on Teide 1a. This will be a day long event with live updates from the climbers as they progress, and a days fun in game all in aid of charity.

If you want to get involved please take a look at the links below. If you wish to support the charity’s please take a look at the official links in the forum post.

Canonn’s team are:

CMDR Akinla Ranthal

CMDR Cymoril Irsei

CMDR Starbeaver

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