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Nemb is a Samson Class Bulk Cargo megaship that can be found in the LP 892-51 system, in orbit of body 3 a.

The location of this megaship is revealed by the Listening Post in the 58 Eridani system, orbiting body A 1:

Listening Post

***Distress Call Detected***

Matching Signals Detected: LP 892-51

Commanders Log: Ed Hunter:

We’ve put out the distress calls, all frequencies and so far nothing.

The pirate attack has left us adrift; we’re dead in the water. l guess there’s no getting away from it. With the rate the ships systems are failing we don’t have much longer.

I wish I had never said yes to this mission. How desperate and how quickly the Truckers were to agree to every demand should have been a warning, but I got blinded by the payout.

Just some antiques, rare sure, but nothing more than that.

Well the way those pirate ripped the ship apart, it was more than some rare old trinkets.

And it’s cost us more than just the ship.

…Signal Corrupted…

The ship has been attacked by a wing of pirates, who will be still present in the area and will scan you on arrival.


A series of three Ship Log Uplink points can be located along the hull. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of each post to scan them and retrieve the logs:

Commanders Log: Ed Hunter:

This is Commander Ed Hunter of the trade ship Nemb. We’ve been attacked by Pirates.

It was an ambush, they were waiting, knew what we were carrying and exactly where to find it.

They asked for the relics specifically. Not interested in any of the other cargo. Some of the crew locked themselves in an empty compartment. They…they ejected them into space.

Damn it! Once they had what they wanted, they ripped out the ships systems, leaving us adrift. If you can hear this please send help.

Commanders Log: Ed Hunter:

It’s been 5 days, drifting out here. They did a real number on the ships systems, not only have they left us adrift, but they smashed the life support systems launched the life pods and cleaned out our supplies. The ship is in no state to go anywhere. I guess it’s easier if there’s no survivors.

All we can hope for is that someone stumbles across us before it’s too late.

Commanders Log: Ed Hunter:Commanders Log. Ed Hunter.

They’ve come back! It seems they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some of the other cargo after all.

We’ve got no defence this time, they’ll just stormed in, take whatever they want.

We’re not going to let them get away with this. We might not be able to stop them getting on board. But we can make sure none of them leave. We know what this means.

I doubt they would have left any of us alive anyway and we can’t just sit here waiting for them to kill us or worse. We have to do something.

We’re going to vent the ship, we’re done for anyway and we’re sick of being prey to these jackals.

This is Ed Hunter, Commander of the Nemb, signing off.

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