Turning the Wheel

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Turning the Wheel

Important Announcement

It has come to the council’s attention that there is an initiative to increase the influence of the organisation known as The Dark Wheel, and that it may be supported by a broad coalition of factions.

This initiative is likely to cause conflict in the area between Shinrarta Dezhra and Sol.

Canonn (as you are no doubt aware) is an inclusive organisation that welcomes members from all factions. Even including members from rather shadowy and dangerous groups such as the Womens Institute and the Newport Pagnell Bridge Club. Despite some of our members’ questionable ethics, we leave our differences at the door and work together to unravel the mysteries of the galaxy.

This announcement is to clarify that in these uncertain times Canonn must maintain neutrality, and will not be a part of said initiative. Regardless of our strong desire to discover the location of Raxxla.

While we do not dictate the activities of our members outside of these hallowed halls and naturally individual commanders are free to do as they see fit, we do urge them not to claim to speak for Canonn on these or any other matters without specific instructions from the Council.

N.B. All current or future attempts to bribe council members on this or any other issue are strictly non-refundable.

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