Flight Operations


The Cannon Research Group believes that the Pleiades Resource Enterprise Megaship Overlook is currently located in the Permit Locked HIP 22460 system. Deep space listening posts detected the Overlook leaving…

The Indra

The Merope Expeditionary Fleet’s Flight Operations Megaship “The Indra” was last reported in orbit of the planet HR 1185 A 4.

Foster Terminal

The Flight Operations Megaship “Foster Terminal” was last reported in orbit of the planet Coeus A 2.

The Midas

The Flight Operations Megaship “The Midas” was last reported in orbit of the planet Zeus 1.

The Gnosis

The ship was constructed by an appeal to the wider community, and provides docking, repair, outfitting, and market services to all. It moves on a weekly schedule decided by the membership and council…

Fisher’s Rest

The Flight Operations Megaship “Fisher’s Rest” was last reported in the Aldebaran system, around the primary star. Fisher’s Rest is named for the actress Carrie Fisher.

The Harmony

The Empyrean Foundation’s Flight Operations Megaship “The Harmony” was last reported in orbit of the planet Yum Kamcabi A 11.