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The Overlook is a Sanchez-class megaship that has been attack by Thargoids, located in the Permit Locked HIP 22460 system, orbiting body 10 b.

You can obtain the HIP 22460 permit by scanning a Listening Post in Synuefe GB-O c9-8, though it is recommended to follow the trail of Listening Posts from HIP 26176 to follow the storyline.

Deep space listening posts detected the Overlook leaving its last known location at the same time that a capital class signature was detected within the HIP 22460 system, which also coincided with a permit lock being applied by the Pilots Federation.

Communications retrieved from Relay Station PSJ-17 imply that this may be connected to the private military outfit believed to be operating within the Pleiades.

Two Unknown Structure are present in this system – one is active and points to two known structures elsewhere, the other is too damaged to access.

There are two Ship Log Uplinks (both called the same thing) on the ‘spine’ of the ship – you can only see one at a time on the Contacts panel – you may need to look carefully at the ship to spot where the other one is to scan it. The messages give an idea of what happened to the ship. Note that this is part of the story that starts with CMDR Hyford and the Colonia Crash Site.



Thargoid forces have been reported in numerous systems. Superpower military presence in the Pleiades likely to increase. Major news coverage is imminent.

Continued knowledge suppression efforts are untenable.

An immediate withdrawal order has been issued. Squadron leaders must ensure all Project Seraph personnel have evacuated HIP 22460. When complete, all operatives are to return to their designated ports for debriefing and reassignment.

ID 785BF-A

Are all operatives docked and ready to go?

Thank you. Final telemetry checks?

Good. I think we’re about done with this system, don’t you? Initiate the hyperspace jump.

-Frame shift drive surge detected-

-Shield damage detected-

Status report. What the hell was that?

I want all turrets firing. Everything we have. Give me something to work with, Clayton. Who’s hitting us? How many?

~Shield damage detected-

I don‘t believe you. Check again.

-Shield failure detected-

Mayday, mayday! This is the Overlook, requesting immediate backup in HIP 22460. We are under attack from Thargoid vessels. Repeat, we are under atta–


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