Thargoid Sensor

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Nonhuman Signature

Nonhuman Signatures (not to be confused for Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS)) are Points of Interest (POIs) that can spawn on any landable planet (with or without an atmosphere) in a…
Unknown Artefact

The Thargoid Sensor

Introduction The Unknown Artefacts as they were known back then were first found in 3301 within Military Threat 4 convoys are believed to be of alien  origin, and are biological…

Crashed Thargoid Ship #3

The third Crashed Thargoid Ship can be found on HIP 17403 body A 4 a, located at -7.3362, -6.2770 (in Live/4.0) or at -35.0120, -141.3890 (in Legacy/3.8). It was discovered…