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Hydra Interceptor by CMDR Node_

The Thargoids

The Return of the Thargoids Introduction The Thargoid Ship is an alien vessel of confirmed origin. Examples of this alien ship were first encountered on January 5, 3303; Commanders were…

The Return

Following the short-running Professor Palin CG to gather Unknown Wake Data leading to the discovery of an apparent battle between Unknown Ships and Federation assets at HIP 17044, a global message was…
Unknown Ship and Barnacle

Unknown Ship sightings above Barnacles!

Canonn Faction News bring you emerging news about Unknown Ships appearing above and appearing to interact with Barnacles in a way that shuts down nearby ships and SRVs and seems…

The Thargoid Crashed Ships

The Thargoid Crashed Ships Introduction An Alien Crash Site consists of the wreckage of an unidentified Thargoid alien ship that has crashed onto a planet’s surface. The first such site…

Hyperdiction approximately 150 ly from Sol

Reddit user Artemis397 brings a report that he experienced a Hyperdiction as close to Sol as HIP 15304, approximately 150 light years distant.  This does not at this time appear to be related to the respawn…
Cmdr Tarjan Damaged Corvette

Distress Call with Unknown Ship in 32 Nu Arietis

Cmdr Djtarjan reports on the Threadnought of discovering a Distress Call Threat 0 around Epsilon Arietis area (screenshots show 32 Nu Arietis) observing an Unknown Ship leaving the area and…

CFN Special Report: Mysterious Event in Maia

Canonn Faction News brings you footage taken shortly after Commanders Delmonte, Starbeaver and Hugo Ross from the Canonn Council discovered a distress beacon in Maia containing an assortment of ships…

Educating Ed – Third Edition

The Galactic Intern this time joined members of Canonn Research to witness the Hyperdictions occurring with the Unknown Ships in January 3303.