The Thargoid Crashed Ships

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The Thargoid Crashed Ships

The Thargoid Crashed Ships


An Alien Crash Site consists of the wreckage of an unidentified Thargoid alien ship that has crashed onto a planet’s surface. The first such site was discovered in the Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 system on August 30, 3302. Additional sites were later found in HIP 17862 and HIP 17403. The alien ships at each site appear to be inert, and are believed to be Thargoid Ships.

The wreckage, which is organic in appearance, is scattered in close proximity to a shallow depression caused by the alien ship’s impact There are fourteen visible pieces of the ship, and five distinct types of pieces. Additional pieces may or may not be buried beneath the visible wreckage. Thirteen pieces are external wing-like structures. The fourteenth and largest piece is ostensibly the central part of the ship, a semi-octagonal “core” with a centralized circular “aperture”. The ship/wreckage appears to be part of a Thargoid Interceptor, more specifically the back section of one.

Video by ObsidianAnt on the crashed ship


The circumstances of the ship’s crash into Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 9 A, as well as how long the ship has been there, are unknown. The wreckage bears no obvious sign of weapon damage, and given the concentration of wreckage in a relatively small area, it is possible that the ship was intact at the up until its impact with the moon’s surface, at which time it shattered. It is speculated that the ship’s pilot or pilots, if any, may still be aboard.

Currently we have located 3 of these crashed ships at the following locations:

  • Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 |  Planet 9A | Coordinates = -26.37, 97.70  (Thargoid Sensors cannot be found here)
  • HIP 17862 | Planet 6C A | Coordinates = 30.32, -98.58 (Thargoid Sensors cannot be found here)
  • HIP 17403 | Planet A 4 A | Coordinates = -34.9821, -141.4141 (Thargoid Sensors can be found here)


In 3302, three (NPC) CMDRs, Mahina Dillion, Otto Granger, and Logan Kohl, experienced an “incident” that led them to a discovery of great importance. On August 27, 3302, the three CMDRs hacked public Galnet news transmissions and inserted coded text that directed other CMDRs to them. On August 28, 3302, they appeared in the systems Apademak and Cail, and offered to reveal their discovery to the galaxy via a series of clues if they were each given large quantities of certain commodities, marking the beginning of “the Hunt”. On August 30, 3302, after Kohl’s request for 6 million tons of narcotics was fulfilled and he offered his next clue, CMDRs Noctrach and Ihazevich located the correct planet that the clue hinted at and subsequently discovered the Alien Crash Site in a canyon there. Their discovery was in noted in a Galnet article posted the following day.


Link to the Elite wiki, and all credit for some information and images

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