11 Parsecs Bar

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11 Parsecs Bar

11 Parsecs is a bar that may be found in orbit of HIP 110028 6.

Two Satellites giving Engineer Data are adjacent to the facility.

Contains a Navigation Beacon. The number and type of ships around the area is typical for the system’s primary Navigation Beacon.

The bar was constructed by The Winged Hussars with materials collected from an appeal to the community on 29 SEP 3303.

A nearby Tourist Beacon provides more information:

Tourist Spot 0710

Thanks to a community effort in October 3303 a space bar installation was completed on the orbit of this Earth-like world, at the time a fairly unexplored planet. The bar is called “11 Parsecs” and attracts many tourists from the Core Worlds, as it offers a wide selection of rare alcoholic beverages, otherwise available only in their respective systems of origin. The tourist clientele is rich and sophisticated. Sometimes a few rugged spacers can be seen amongst them – these are the Commanders that helped build the bar. They often return to this place to have a drink or two and chat about the good old times, before the Thargoids came

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