Halley Terminal

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Halley Terminal

Halley Terminal is an Installation in the Ross 690 system, orbiting body 1.

The existence of this installation is revealed by the listening post found in orbit of the planet Quy in the Quiness system:

***Unauthorised Signal Detected***

Matching Signals Detected: Ross 690

+++Attention Bounty Hunters+++

A host of lucrative bounties available for the best hunters in the galaxy. If you think you’re up for the challenge, head to the Halley Terminal installation in the Ross 690 system for further details.

…Transmission Ends…

Note: The message previously had an error where it referred to the Karis system, which contains a different unnamed installation that is related to the Pirate Lord Luca, and not the Grey Comets bounty hunters.

System security response is unavailable at the installation, use caution.

Three Ship Log Uplink points can be located on the structure. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of the post to scan them and retrieve the logs:

Make peace with life, make good of ails, make done all wins and fails. Before you follow into shadows, the silver
comet’s trail.

We the Grey Comets honour our mistress The Silver Comet in the form of combat against here chosen foes. The hunters, those that prey on man for coin.

We engage now to bring them into the trail of the comet.

These hunters give their lives for the glory of the Silver Comet.
As we follow her trail we find the meaning of true power. With every sacrifice in the black the Cornet’s return moves closer.

The Silver Comet comes from a short story in “Tales From The Frontier”: “The Comet’s Trail”, by Darren Grey, and was the subject of an early Galnet article on 27 JAN 3301.

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