Ariane’s Pride

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Ariane’s Pride

This is a crashed T9 found in the HIP 32001 system in planet 3 A. You can find it using DSS probes or the coordinates from the Listening Posts. There are two listening posts that lead to the crash – at Hun Nu A 2 and Cerritics 2.

The site has a data core to scan, cargo rack (scan and shoot) and gives two messages (no audio) about the fate of the crew. A small number of materials and cargo can be found in the area. The crash site is quite mountainous, so a small ship is preferable.

There is no sign of the completed rescue in Baliscii.


Commanders Log: Ariane Key

I can’t believe l survived, the ship is totalled and there is no way I’m getting off this rock without help.

Communications are sketchy at best and I don’t even know if this is getting out. The ship scanners did show some ships in my sector before they died.

Hopefully one of them will pick this up and come get me.


Commanders Log: Ariane Key

I had lost hope, thought I was never getting out of here. But then I heard the landing thrusters.

Someone picked up my signal and I have to say an Asp has never looked so welcome.

This was a close call and I thank my lucky stars that the Winters Grasp and her commander were not a pirate ship looking to pick my bones.

I’ve rescued what I can of my personal belongings, the insurance will cover the rest. We’re heading to Gooch Hanger in Baliscii, where with luck I’ll be able to get a transport home.

Crash found by CMDR Sean Bannon

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