The Bug Killer

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The Bug Killer

The Bug Killer is a crashed Anaconda in the HIP 16613 system on body 1 a, at -11.0187, -95.6912 (in Live/4.0) or at -11.0059, -95.6686 (in Legacy/3.8).

There is also a wrecked SRV at -11.0950, -96.0354 (in Live/4.0) or at -11.0950, -96.0353 (in Legacy/3.8) – you can find it from the ship by taking a bearing of 270 (also there is a green glow around the SRV which is visible from the Anaconda). It may be worth travelling from one to the other by SRV as the planet gives Arsenic in outcrops.

This crash seems to be related to the attacked settlements that were found at the same time.

The location of this site can be found by following the three nearby listening posts located in:
HIP 16753 / Delphi / Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7

Note: Delphi was previously known as Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55

Listening Posts

HIP 16753 1

…Encrypted Transmission QRX-663-A Detected…

Matching Signals Detected: (Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55, Pleiades Sector Ol-T C3-7)

Approximate Signal Range: 36-37 LY

…hunting…followed me…opened fire…almost out…Who knows what…long:-95.6913…surface…spinning out…

…Message Corrupted…

Delphi 2

…Encrypted Transmission QRX-663-B Detected…

Matching Signals Detected: (HIP 16753, Pleiades Sector Ol-T C3-7)

Approximate Signal Range: 38-40 LY

…hunting…followed me…opened fire…almost out…Who knows what…lat:-11.0186…surface…spinning out…

…Message Corrupted…

Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 A 3

…Encrypted Transmission QRX-663-C Detected…

Matching Signals Detected: (HIP 16753, Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55)

Approximate Signal Range: 38-39 LY

…hunting…followed me…opened fire…almost out…Who knows what…PLANET:1 a…surface…spinning out…

…Message Corrupted…


The Anaconda has three message logs, and there is a fourth is at the nearby SRV Wreckage. The ship also has cargo racks which you can shoot for Raw materials, and the SRV has other manufactured materials, cargo and an occupied escape pod nearby.

Commander Clark Barrow – X-Stream Simulcast 926/5

Hey there, listeners. This is Clark Barrow, hottest pilot in the Pleiades, bringing you a slice of life from the frontier of space, and keeping you mooks safe from pirates and brigands.

I’ve been flying in supercruise for days trying to find this thing. I’ve heard the stories – some kind of nonhuman ship, shutting down pilots then zooming off into the black. Commanders are living in fear of this interstellar menace. Well, not this pilot!

I’m gonna find that thing and make it sorry it ever showed its eight-tentacled hide in my system. That’s if I can find it. So far nothing’s shown up on my- wait. What’s that? Okay, here we go! Strap in, you ugly alien critter. Clark Barrow is here to drink milk and kick butt…and I’m all out of milk!

Commander Clark Barrow – X-Stream Simulcast 926/6

I’m engaging! Wooooo! Let’s see how this thing likes the taste of beam laser. I’m giving it all I’ve got. Can’t wait for the Pilots Federation to get my report on this one. Clark Barrow goes down as the first pilot in history to take down an alien ship.

Hang on, its hull’s still at 100 per cent. That can’t be right – my scanners must be playing up. But there are no visual signs of damage. And now it’s turning.

I’m hit! Shields are gone. Engaging FSD. Someone else can take this thing down. Eat my frame shift wake, sucker.

Commander Clark Barrow – X-Stream Simulcast 926/7

Damn thing is hunting me! Must have scanned my wake and followed me to this system. As soon as I dropped out of supercruise it opened fire. I took evasive action but I’m at five per cent hull and my fuel is almost out.

Who knows what this planet’s called, but I’m about to introduce myself to its surface in a big way. Altimeter is spinning out of control so I’m gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way. I just hope my hull holds out.

Commander Clark Barrow – X-Stream Simulcast 926/8

I managed to land and tried to send a mayday signal, but before I could, that thing appeared and shut down my systems. Deployed my SRV and high-tailed it out of there, but the ship is still coming after me!

I can see it cruising at altitude. It’s just watching. I’ve got my foot down but the buggy won’t go any faster. The gravity on this rock isn’t helping either. I’ve got to find somewhere to hole up before it comes to finish me off.

This can’t be the end. Clark Barrow isn’t going out this way!

Bug Killer SRV
Bug Killer SRV

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