Thargoid Attack

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A Galnet article titled “The Hunt for the Dedicant” was posted on 20 July 3309 that pointed to a distress call from the Dedicant megaship detected in the LP 714-58…

The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is a megaship that can be found in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1. It was attacked by Thargoids on 24 NOV 3308 when it attempted to intercept in incoming…

Station Attacks

Canonn Interstellar would like to offer condolences to all those killed or injured in today’s attacks. We were first alerted to the attacks by a Thargoid Activity report which was…
Bug Killer

Bug Killer Crashed Anaconda

Bug Killer is a crashed Anaconda in the HIP 16613 system on planet 1 a at -11.0093, -95.6755. There is also an SRV at -11.0962, -96.0339 – you can find…
Thargoid Farragut Attack

Eagle Eye Status : Week 7

This week saw big changes from the Eagle Eye system. This week for the first time we saw six inhabited systems targeted, and no targets pointing to known Thargoid bases…
Glazkov Terminal : Irandan

Eagle Eye Status : Week 3

This week Irandan was attacked by the Thargoids – this was one of the two stations reported through Eagle Eye last week. The other station, in HIP 21559, was not…
Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship PTK-179

Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship PTK-179

The Hogan Class Bulk Cargo ship designation PTK-179 can be found in the Electra system orbiting Electra 6. The ship has been attacked and shows signs of Thargoid damage. A…
Destoryed Megaship

Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel KSL-878

The Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel designation KSL-878 was last reported in orbit of the planet Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 A 5. The ship is heavily damaged, destroyed by weapons consistent…