Clark’s Rest

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Clark’s Rest

Clark’s Rest is a point of interest on Alshat A 6 b located at 26.8540, -29.0830 (in Live/4.0) or at 26.8378, -29.0200 (in Legacy/3.8).

It consists of a buried Damaged Escape Pod and an Settlement Comms Log Uplink, scanning it gives background to the reason for its abandonment.

There are a small number of Engineer Materials scattered around the ground.

Clark is dead.

Must have had some internal injuries from the crash that he didn’t tell us about.

Oldham and I buried him on a peak nearby with a nice view, I think he would have appreciated that. He always liked to capture images of the planets we explored.

Our supplies are running low, but I still have hope that our distress calls will be picked up.

The SRV was never meant to support more than one person. We’ve jury rigged what we can to make the oxygen filters last longer, but I think we have to face facts.

This has to work, it has to.

The first two of the missing three messages can be found at the Abandoned Ship 160km due South, and the fourth and fifth of the messages at the Abandoned SRV 97km away on a bearing of 328º.

Nothing has been observed from scooping the Damaged Escaped Pod or bringing it anywhere.

The site was found through surface POI scanning, it is unknown whether there are any Listening Posts that reveal its location.


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