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A Galnet article titled “The Hunt for the Dedicant” was posted on 20 July 3309 that pointed to a distress call from the Dedicant megaship detected in the LP 714-58 system.

Visiting LP 714-58 one can find a Listening Post “Partial Distress Call 1/4” near body 2a. You will need to fly within 1000Ls of the body to detect the signal. Scanning the listening post you get the following message.

Partial Distress Call 1/4

Distress call received.

Origin: ‘Dedicant’. Megaship class

Attempting to forward signal…

Attempt failed. Unexpected encryption algorithm error.

Partial message exposure:


System report: Power – ONLINE

System report: Life Support – ONLINE

Rerouting to
Encryption key expected in [21]

The string of binary code translates to WUNIEZ.

Visiting Wuniez one can find Listening Post “Partial Distress Call 2/4” near body 3. Once again fly within 1000Ls of the body to detect the signal. Scanning the listening post you get the following message.

Partial Distress Call 2/4

Distress call received.

Origin: ‘Dedicant’. Megaship class

Attempting to forward signal…

Attempt failed. Unexpected encryption algorithm error.

Partial message exposure:


System report: Frame Shift Drive – OFFLINE

System report: Helm Control – LOCKED

Rerouting to [—.-.. ..- .-. ..- -. –.]
Encryption key expected in [99]

The morse code translates to OLURUNG

Visiting Olurung one can find Listening Post “Partial Distress Call 3/4” near body BC2. Fly within 1000Ls of the body to detect the signal. Scanning the listening post you get the following message.

Partial Distress Call 3/4

Distress call received.

Origin: ‘Dedicant’. Megaship class

Attempting to forward signal…

Attempt failed. Unexpected encryption algorithm error.

Partial message exposure:


System report: Security Network – ONLINE

System report: Hull Integrity – 91%

Rerouting to [112311191315]
Encryption key expected in [1]

The numerical code is a substitution cypher with each number corresponding to a letter. It needs a minor modification to separate the string of numbers as shown:
[11 23 1 11 9 13 15]. The numbers correspond to letters of the alphabet in order such that 1=A, 2=B etc. The code translates to KWAKIMO

Visiting Kwakimo one can find Listening Post “Partial Distress Call 4/4” near body 7b. Fly within 1000Ls of the body to detect the signal. Scanning the listening post you get the following message.

Partial Distress Call 4/4

Distress call received.

Origin: ‘Dedicant’. Megaship class

Attempting to forward signal…

Attempt failed. Unexpected encryption algorithm error.

Partial message exposure:



System report: Internal Comms – LOCKED

Rerouting to [PL 714-58]
Encryption key expected in [PIH]

Notice that the code is the starting system from Galnet, LP 714-58 written backwards. Applying the same principle to the Encryption key [PIH] is a clue that the next system to visit. Referencing the Encryption keys from the other listening posts we can write them backwards to arrive at HIP 19912 from [PIH] [1] [99] [21].

Visiting HIP 19912 one can find Listening Post “Rerouted Distress Call” near body 5a. Fly within 1000Ls of the body to detect the signal. Scanning the listening post you get the full distress call and a second message.

Rerouting Distress Call

Distress call received.

Origin: ‘Dedicant’. Megaship class

Attempting to forward signal…

Attempt successful.











The second message from Imperial Navy Vice Admiral Amir Rafiq is a thank you for your efforts and a request not to discuss it further. There is likely more to come.

Distress Call Received


The beacon you scanned has correctly forwarded the distress call mentioned in the message.

My team will now work on tracking its original source coordinates.

Your efforts are appreciated. Please accept this payment in recognition of your time.

Do not discuss this matter with anybody else.

Vice Admiral Amir Rafiq

Imperial Navy

Thanks to CMDR Skytoucher for writing up the article and CMDR Lady Lucida for the image.

On August 1st 3309 the Dedicant was found in HIP 19600 around body 1 D. It was found surrounded by a caustic cloud indicative of a Thargoid attack. Around the megaship 10 logs can be found as shown in the map below provided by CMDR LilacLight. The logs are recorded below thanks to CMDR Grimscrub and audio provided by CMDR Radiumio.

Desmond West – Log 1/2

This is Escort Team Alpha, calling for backup. Come in, command. We have a situation on the Dedicant. Is anybody reading this?

Damn it…
Command, this is Senior Agent Desmond West Requesting response.

Attention FIA personel. I am broadcasting on all known agency channels. We have an emergency situation on the megaship Dedicant. There was some kind of trap embedded in one of the communal areas. It went off like a flashbang – full sensory overload. Took us out for a few minutes. The cultists must have known all about it, ’cause before any of us could think straight most of them had escaped.

Mason! Bukowski! Get them over there, with the others. Over there!

…We’ll take the remaining cultists to our original checkpoint. Escort Teams Bravo and Charlie should be reaching theirs in under fifteen. Gateshead’s team is already on the bridge. We’ll rendezvous once the prisioners are secure. If you can hear this, relay these details to FIA mission command in Popontia.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Come in command! This is Escort Team Alpha. The Dedicant’s hyperdrive has been activated, the hyperdrive has-

Desmond West – Log 2/2

Someone doesn’t want us going this way.

Farrow, get that access panel open. Steinburg, look for vents and service ducts. Anything we can use to keep moving.

Gateshead, come in.

…Why am I not surprised.

Uh, we have a situation down here. The Dedicant’s internal layout has changed. My guess is the cultists have control of the security networks. Doors are closing in some corridors and opening in others. We know where we need to go but keep running into dead ends.

Engineering is about a kilometre away, and several decks down. Farrow and Wilson say they can return FSD access to the helm. Getting there will be slow going, though.
If the cultists control the security doors, they’ll have the express lifts locked down too. It’ll be slow going – especially if we run into any more traps.

Gateshead, if you can hear this: Priority one is getting a distress call out ASAP. Once that’s done, I’m gonna need you to establish control of the security network and get an internal comms channel open. Something the cultlists can’t jam, and gaining control of the security network comes next.
If you can’t hear then we’ll do things the hard way.

This message will repeat until we’re in engineering, just in case. I’ll update then.

Stay focused, okay? Hold the bridge until we get the hyperdrive online. You’ve got this.

Sharon Gateshead – Log 1/2

Roger that. See you soon.

What a mess. Damned cultists. This ship is infested with traps. Non-lethal, thankfully. We have some sore heads out there, though.

Here’s the plan: All three escort teams will secure their remaining prisoners before sending a squad to secure ship operations. Alpha’s heading to engineering to bring the hyperdrive back online. Brave will go for the power plant. Charlie’s’ taking the system network hub. As for us?

We’re as useful as a chocolate coffee cup. Remote access to almost all ship functions is disabled. Life support is all I can change. And I ain’t touching that. Now with the luck we’ve got right now.

Internal comms is still working for now but nothing’s making it external. Truth be told their whole commms array is a mess. Just a bunch of pre-recorded messages preaching the Far God’s garbage.

Good thing we brought light sticks. This place is gloomy. Stinks as well, like something peed in all the corners. I know the Thargoids prefer ammonia worlds but why make your holy ship stink like one/ My husband likes red wine but he doesn’t shampoo with it.

What have you got?

Sharon Gateshead – Log 2/2

This is Agent Gateshead, making a personal log. We’ve lost internal comms on the bridge. Jessup thinks it’s a jamming signal, broadcasting from inside the ship. All escort teams would be stuck with it.
Last message we heard was from West’s team heading to engineering. He said something about the Dedicant’s access paths changing before we lost connection.

Walton found a local cache of the cult’s sacred texts on one of the consoles. I’ve been reading through it for anything which could help us identify their next steps after scurrying off into hiding. Nothing yet – it’s mostly nihilistic poetry, about how beautiful the galaxy will be once everyone in it has been purged.
That data stamp says the text was being edited when the Dedicant was seized. Something about an expedition into Thargoid space. Sounds like a spectacularly bad idea.

This True Chapters sect is more pro-active than their cousins, though. Evidently some of the cultists got nervous when Theta Seven blew up the Sacrosanct awhile back. The Order’s texts on pacifism and non-resistance have been updated here. The True Chapters argue that that it’s permitted to resist if someone ‘would inflict harm upon your material form before the Far God’s blessing is received’.
They still forbid violence but… well, looks like traps and signals jammers are allowed.

What was that?

Oh God.

Oh no, oh no, oh no no no! Oh God I have to get out! I HAVE TO GET OUT! LET ME OUT! NOT HERE NOT HERE!

Joseph Tolmen – Log 1/2

It appears our destiny lies far from the shackles of the Federal oppressors. The Far God guides our path.
I am within the Dedicant’s inner sanctum, with many brothers and sisters of the True Chapters. We are safe for now. It will not be easy for our captors to find us. The heretics will not be permitted to further desecrate our sacred home.

My faith never wavered, even as we sat in our cells. Even as we were insulted, spat upon, belittered… I knew the truth. It was merely a test of our devotion. I am proud that so many of us held on to the conviction the Far God demands. We have passed the trial.
When the fires arrive to absolve the galaxy of sin, I shall be born anew. Never have I been so certain.
We were once the lost. We are now the blessed. We will be the manifestation of peace from the ashes of the damned, cleansed by the cry of the Far God.

Joseph Tolmen – Log 2/2

The Ninth Disciple brings word. Our prayer has been delivered to the void. I await the heralds of the Far God.

In our time of need we ask our blessed saviour for protection.

I’ve tried to convince our fellow humans of the paradise which awaits us. Offered a place among the faithful… only to be burnt by rejection. I implored the unseeing to open their eyes. As we were incarcerated, we extended our hands. When the fearful hunted us we tolerated their wickedness.

Even as they took our lives.
The Far God sees all.

But today, as the Federation seeks to herd us like mindless cattle, we dig our heels in the dirt and deny them their illusion of control.
Soon the heralds will receive our offering. A signal broadcasting the songs of their vessels. A token of our faith.

We will enter our pods to dream of paradise. My hands quiver with excitement at the beauty awaiting me in slumber. What happens to our physical bodies is of little consequence. We have already been martyred in the minds of the lost.

Glory to the Far God.

Sophie Brandt – Log 1/2

No way that worked! They were totally out of it! maybe there’s something to this Far God after all.

Okay, for the record: I set off the trap that dazed the Federal guards. Me. Sixty-First Adherent of the Eleventh True Chapter. I saw the trigger hidden in the wall as we shuffled past. All l had to do was give it a little kick. I know the First Herald said the chip under our skin would protect us from the noise but it was SO loud. My ears are still ringing!
The Federals really got it bad, though. Just dropped to the floor holding their heads and yelling. I saw one of them throw up. Then I ran and ran…

Hang on. Erm… Where am I?

Ah, whatever. They won’t find me. I was running forever. If I keep the door locked I’ll be safe. It’s not like the Feds are going to sweep every room on the ship. They’ve probably still trying to put their brains back together.
Guess I’ll make myself comfortable…


What the hell is…

Ohh, nice. Contraband. Well I can see why someone would need a break from spreading the good word. Your secret’s safe for me… whoever slept here.

This could be a reward from the Far God, right? A thank-you for helping everyone escape from the Feds. That sounds fair. There’s nothing in the sacred texts that tells us to be sober. What would be the point if the galaxy’s gonna burn, anyway…?

Sophie Brandt – Log 2/2

They’re so beautiful.
The way they come from nothing… Just ‘boop’ and they’re here. All the lights they have are… They look like pinwheels. my grandad made them when I was little. It’s just paper on a stick. But they were… magical. They would spin so fast when we ran. And we would say ‘Sophie, careful where you’re running.’ But I’d be watching the pinwheel spin and spin…
I miss him. He was the only one who was nice to me.
But I’m not Sophie anymore. And that’s that. Sixty-First Adherent now. Of the Eleventh First Chapter. I’ve cast off my shackles to worship them.

There’s so many of them. The Far God must have sent protectors to save us from our captors, haha. I wonder how they know which of usu are faithful?

The Far God tells them, I suppose. The Far God knows everything.
They’re so graceful. Like flowers in the wind.
They’re reaching out to us…!

Everything the herald said was true. I see it now. It’s’ so beautiful…


Kelvin Mitchell – Log 1/2

I have reclaimed control of the Dedicant’s sacred decks for you, my savior. Let me be an extension of Your will. Grant me the strength to keep your devoted servants safe from harm. Glory to the Far God.

I… I did it. I can’t believe I got away from them. At least I have the chance to prove my worth. Let’s see here…

We were at this junction when the first trap went off… a disciple triggered the second one here as we fled…
So the Third Chapel would be the closest haven. What do the cameras say?

There you are. Stay strong, my brothers and sisters. I will keep you safe from our tormentors. Speaking of which, if I close this corridor down and shut that access point…
There. Now the faithless ones have to bring their remaining captives to section 86. There are more traps on the route, too.

Who knew doing the Far God’s work would be so fun?

Yes, disciple. That sounds like an excellent idea. Head to access point 16 on that deck and I’ll let you through. WHen you’re at the hyperdrive controls I’ll seal the path behind you. The intruders won’t find you.

I can’t wait. May the Far God watch over us. We’re finally going to do it. After all these years, we’ll be free from these disgusting people who hate us so much. Wel, you can all kiss my ass! You won’t be missed in the next life, I tell you that much!

Kelvin Mitchell – Log 2/2

Where did you go, hm? What is your little gang planning? I’ll find you before long. You can’t hide from me forever.

If only my wife could see me now. I’d love it if she was sitting beside me, telling me I’m ‘only going to screw things up’. Not today, Kathy! I’ve got the Federal trespassers locked in their rooms and the Far God’s children are safe. I always said I just needed a chance to prove myself. But you never listened, did you?

This was my purpose. I know it now. The Far God trusts me to watch over the faithful. I’m not going to mess this up.

Hah! Found you. Federal rats in my maze. Where are you going…?

…Agent West, again? Huh. Very clever of you to escape the last corridor I shut you in. I’ll give you that.

You wanna know something, Agent West? You remind me of a boss I used to have. He had the same serious expression. Yelled at me all the time because he was a bully. I’ll bet you’re just like him. Mean and selfish. Well bullies should be locked up!

Try and get out of this one, Agent West! Aw, what’s with the sour face? Nowhere to go? Can’t call for help? Loser!

What’s that noise? More Federal vermin?

Where is that coming from?

No, this isn’t right. I can’t be here. I’m’ in danger if I stay. I have to get out.

I gotta get out of here! I can’t be here! I’m going to die in here! I need to get out! I HAVE TO GET AWAY!

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