Finding Guardian Ruins

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Finding Guardian Ruins

History: Initial Discovery

The initial Guardian Ruins were found from the star map in a Frontier trailer. At this time we had no way to find ruins other than spotting them visually on the surface, and spent weeks believing this might be the only set of ruins. After prompting (in the form of a Galnet message on 10 FEB 3303 from Professor Melville naming other systems) more ruins were discovered. Since then a scanner has been built by Ram Tah that allows all CMDRs to spot Guardian Ruins from at least 1000 ls away.

This allowed many more ruins to be found in the Synuefe / Col 173 / Vela Dark Region area – this is the original Guardian Bubble, and for a long time we though this was the only place where the Guardians could be found, but then a Commander found another set of ruins in Skaudai, thousands of Light Years away, prompting a larger search for ruins.

Now we can see from the Canonn Ruin Map that we have multiple areas with Guardian Ruins. We also have detailed maps of existing ruin locations.

Finding new Guardian Ruins

Ruins have been found:

  • In and near nebulae. Typically the areas are named for the nebula, such as the Eta Carina Guardian Bubble, Prai Hypoo Guardian Bubble etc. (This does not apply to the original Guardian Bubble – which is less defined, and not associated with a nebula.)
  • Found on Rocky or High Metal Content worlds
  • Surface Temperature is between 180 and 310K
  • Planet radius is between 1000-3000km
  • There are always multiple systems with ruins in an area. If you find one you should find others nearby (within 100 LY)
  • Brain Trees have been found in systems surrounding Guardian Ruins. If Brain Trees are found this is usually a good indicator that Guardian Ruins may be close.
  • Often the planet will be a binary with a companion. In this case Brain Trees may be found on the companion
  • Systems often contain large numbers of bodies, often multiple stars and dwarf stars (though not always).
  • Guardian Ruins will show in the HUD from across a system (more than 1000 ls) if the ship is pointed at a planet without targeting the planet. One search technique is to sweep the ship around the orbital plane to check for ruins, though it is suggested that Commanders try this in a known ruin system before heading out, to make sure that you can spot the ruins.

It is worth searching systems that do not match these criteria, though maybe less often, as otherwise we will never see ruins in systems that do not match these rules.

What to do when you find new ruins

    1. Make sure they are new – check on the datasheet (including the unconfirmed reports). If you are not sure that they have been reported then report anyway – we prefer more data.
    2. Ruins are automatically reported if you use the Canonn EDMC plugin

Fill in as much information as you can.

Other leads

Professor Melville was searching for more Guardian Ruins and believed that he had found unique ruins. His ship, The Cete, can be found in the original Guardian bubble.

There are also theories that the Guardian bubble continues into the locked Col 70 / Regor sectors which cannot be confirmed until the lock is removed.

The Relics found in the guardian ruins display a repeating pattern, called the obelisk glyphs that could contain a message, though not has been decoded yet. Triangular patterns are also found around the bases of the relic towers and inside the relics, where yet another object appears to be embedded.

thanks to Bolonski for information used on this page


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