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Listening Posts

Listening Posts have been largely found in systems on the frontier of the bubble. Their origin is not known for sure, but it is possible that they are deployed by the Sirius Corporation as reported 7 OCT 3302.


When a Listening Post is present in a system, it will appear on your Navigation Panel when your ship is within 1,000 Ls of it. They have been found not just around the primary star, but secondary stars, and even planets and moons deeper into the system.

Explorers are suggested to regularly check their Navigation Panel when traversing a system to perform surface scans, and report any strange signal sources, including Listening Posts.

The signal source for the Listening Post can be locked as a target to drop out of supercruise, like any other. Contrary to the Galnet article, these devices have no known defenses, and it is safe to approach them.

Triangulating the Source

Target the Listening Post and allow your ship’s scanner to download the data; you will receive it in your ship’s Messages Panel.

For the majority of Listening Posts, data always comes in groups of three identified by the same signal identifier, with the specific packet having an A, B, or C suffix appropriately.

Each packet identifies the systems where the other two Listening Posts that received the signal may be found. All three must be visited to receive the complete location data.

  • Packet A contains the longitude co-ordinate of the signal source.
  • Packet B contains the latitude co-ordinate of the signal source.
  • Packet C contains the body designation of the signal source, e.g. “AB 1 c”.

To identify the source system, each packet gives a minimum and maximum range from that Listening Post. The recommended approach is to bookmark the three systems containing Listening Posts, and use the galaxy map to select potential systems. The three systems form a triangle in space, and the source of the signal is within that triangle. Rough estimation based on the ratios of the three ranges is good enough.

Most of the time there is only one system within the correct range of all three stars, but where multiple candidate systems exist, the body designation is sufficient to eliminate incorrect candidates. Rarely do multiple systems next to each other have a land-able body with the same designation.

Newly found Listening Posts seem to break this pattern; posts have referred to only the next signal in the chain, meaning you might not have the complete message and not know it; and to posts by signal name, which have been found in the same system.

Known Listening Posts

SystemBodyIDRelated Location / Notes
42 n PerseiA 7KPX-663-ASurvey Vessel Pandora
5 chi Lupi1AWP-047-BResearch Facility 5592
58 EridaniA 1Nemb
Aiabiko3Joy Senne ICE Beacon
(rewards a Xeno Ally Decal and Nameplates)
Alacarakmo7 aDistress Call: Diamond Bear – Related to
the Buckyball Racing Club
Alpha CentauriB 1Alvin Deefer
Alrai Sector WZ-P b5-6A 4ODY-670-AGeneration Ship Odysseus
BatarA 1XB9-556-CKoli Discii Crashed Ship / Gregorys Rest
BelispelA 3DAG-483-BOrion’s Folly
BhadabaA 6DGE-163-ASurvey Vessel Stargazer
BilfrostAB 2LAZ-288-ALazarus Expedition
Flesh ( 1 )
Harksing’s Postbox (Festive Event 2023)
(messages are no longer available)
California Sector IH-V c2-1A
( A Belt
Cluster 1 )
Celaeno1Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship PTK-179
Cerritics2Ariane’s Pride Crash Site
Chipi1 aXB9-556-AKoli Discii Crashed Ship / Gregorys Rest
Chukchan5 bHesperus – only visible at the ghost ship
(LP Removed)
Col 285 Sector AV-M b21-51PHO-ZGS-AGeneration Ship Phobos
Col 285 Sector AX-S a33-0ABMC-642-CExtraction Site HS-98
Col 285 Sector AZ-B b15-0ATPK-482-CLookout Military Test Facility
Col 285 Sector CI-V b18-0A 3SPS-927-C34 Virginis Abandoned SRV
Col 285 Sector DY-F b25-0A 3SMM-459-AExpedition Vessel Odysseus
Col 285 Sector EC-J c10-4ABC 1RSF-411-B44 k Virginis Abandoned SRV
Col 285 Sector EC-U d3-59ANJC-443-ABotanical Research Station FNA-559
Col 285 Sector EF-A b16-1A 7NJC-443-CBotanical Research Station FNA-559
Col 285 Sector ER-V d2-462KAH-758-BUnnamed Crash Site
(LP Message Removed)
Col 285 Sector FG-X d1-492MHS-295-ADixon Dock
Col 285 Sector FW-D c12-24A 1HDH-106-BExploration Camp C-NO4
Col 285 Sector GI-H b11-6ADAG-483-AOrion’s Folly
Col 285 Sector GM-V d2-72A 7KAH-758-CUnnamed Crash Site
(LP Message Removed)
Col 285 Sector GN-H b11-0AAAS-630-BDav’s Hope
Col 285 Sector HG-F b27-06BZA-985-CPlanet Dave Outpost
Col 285 Sector IZ-R b20-2ARSF-411-A44 k Virginis Abandoned SRV
Col 285 Sector JJ-F c12-101 aBZA-985-APlanet Dave Outpost
Col 285 Sector KD-H c11-3ARSF-411-C44 k Virginis Abandoned SRV
Col 285 Sector KL-Y b16-25DRC-390-BExploration Camp JSPR-003
Col 285 Sector KM-V b18-3AMPG-270-CSite 16
Col 285 Sector KO-E b26-3ASJK-378-BCommunication Array Delta 69
Col 285 Sector LJ-P c6-17ADAA-036-ASRV-Odysseus
Col 285 Sector LO-P c6-1ANJC-443-BBotanical Research Station FNA-559
Col 285 Sector LU-M c8-6AEYR-138-AMedical Research Base MIR-14
Col 285 Sector ML-Z b15-53DAA-036-BSRV-Odysseus
Col 285 Sector MY-O b7-2AAAS-630-ADav’s Hope
Col 285 Sector NO-Q d5-59A 3DGE-964-AQuarantine Site UC-001
Col 285 Sector NV-N b7-4ATX-B-03Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Col 285 Sector OR-F b26-2A 1DRD-599-BTransmitter VJS-81
Col 285 Sector PH-E b14-25TPK-482-ALookout Military Test Facility
Col 285 Sector QA-L c9-31EYR-138-BMedical Research Base MIR-14
Col 285 Sector RV-K c9-8AEYR-138-CMedical Research Base MIR-14
Col 285 Sector SF-N c7-2ABMC-642-AExtraction Site HS-98
Col 285 Sector SR-F b13-12DRC-390-AExploration Camp JSPR-003
Col 285 Sector UB-T a33-43BMC-642-BExtraction Site HS-98
Col 285 Sector WH-O a22-2ATX-B-02Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Col 285 Sector YC-F b26-9ADRD-599-CTransmitter VJS-81
Col 285 Sector YF-O d6-99A 1SMM-459-CExpedition Vessel Odysseus
Col 359 Sector HT-H b40-23 bSJR-910-AExploration Camp JSPR-003 (#2)
Col 359 Sector KB-W d2-47A 2IJD-848-ATrading Vessel MD-002
Col 359 Sector LH-J b10-5A1APS-715-BMedical Research Base BJI-86
Col 359 Sector NH-J b10-1AAPS-715-CMedical Research Base BJI-86
Col 359 Sector NZ-F b41-1ASJR-910-BExploration Camp JSPR-003 (#2)
Col 359 Sector QC-B c1-11AB 4DGE-964-BQuarantine Site UC-001
Col 359 Sector QI-Z c1-111DGE-964-CQuarantine Site UC-001
– incorrectly placed, should be in
Col 285 Sector KP-D c13-12
Col 359 Sector QJ-V c17-7A 4RPB-113-APersephone Expedition
Col 359 Sector RN-S c4-141APS-715-AMedical Research Base BJI-86
Col 359 Sector TV-J b11-47IJD-848-BTrading Vessel MD-002
Col 359 Sector UE-G d11-82SJR-910-CExploration Camp JSPR-003 (#2)
Col 359 Sector ZQ-R c19-7A 1RPB-113-CPersephone Expedition
Col 69 Sector JI-I c10-4A 9Hyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
Col 69 Sector LY-H c10-0ATX-B-17Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Col 69 Sector VK-E c12-10ATX-B-16Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Colonia2 bHyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
Delphi2QRX-663-BBug Killer Crashed Anaconda
– Delphi was previously known
as Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55
EE LeonisAATL-360-AGeneration Ship Atlas
Electra3WKD-184-APenal Colony BV-2259
Flame Sector PI-T b3-0ATX-B-12Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
George PantazisAnew
( A 12 )
Alvin Deefer
Gliese 452.3ADAH-906-AJackson Enterprise
GraffiasAJPR-590-AUnregistered Derelict
GuarijioB 2 cThe Trial 1/3The Trial
GuarijioB 3 bThe Trial 2/3The Trial
GuarijioB 4 aThe Trial 3/3The Trial
Halbangaay3 aWelcome Deviation
HD 63587AMTE-256-BColony Site BNI-87
HIP 290B 2 cOmega Grid
HIP 129594KAH-758-AUnnamed Crash Site
(LP Message Removed)
HIP 157871LAT-292-C*Scrump Landing
HIP 16378ADGE-163-BSurvey Vessel Stargazer
HIP 164311JNU-292-CResearch Base LV 87
HIP 167531QRX-663-ABug Killer Crashed Anaconda
HIP 170441LWI-080-CResearch Base KG-3362
HIP 17225A 1JPK-050-ARelay Station PSJ-17
HIP 17694A 1LWU-168-C*Dominic’s Corner
HIP 178921BGK-163-BComms Facility 89563
HIP 178922 aRVH-113-BBetterton Outpost
HIP 190722RVH-113-CBetterton Outpost
HIP 190724VJS­-080-CHIP 14909 Distress Call
HIP 19847AB 3DRJ-184-C*Site 94
HIP 199125 aDedicant
HIP 215594Vanguard Navigation Beacon
– obsolete message, pointing to system
that Vanguard jumped to next (3304)
HIP 26176A 5 jHyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
(message is missing)
HIP 37105CMTE-256-CColony Site BNI-87
HIP 44101ATX-B-01Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
HIP 495381LCA-895-BSite 426
HIP 54181A 3LCA-895-ASite 426
HIP 63386ASPS-927-B34 Virginis Abandoned SRV
HIP 73773A 1DRC-390-CExploration Camp JSPR-003
HIP 79256A
( Belt B
Cluster 1 )
BZA-985-BPlanet Dave Outpost
HIP 837881RPB-113-BPersephone Expedition
HIP 97146ASJK-378-CCommunication Array Delta 69
HIP 973803SMM-459-BExpedition Vessel Odysseus
HIP 98328ADAA-036-CSRV-Odysseus
HIP 984062ABW-372-BUnlisted Wreckage Site
HIP 1054082 bJanus Corp. Medical Research Centre
Horsehead Sector CB-O b6-0ATX-B-11Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
HR 1183A 3DRJ-184-ASite 94
HR 1185A 5BGK-163-AComms Facility 89563
HR 1185A 9KWP-458-ARecon 6 Crash Site
HR 45354DAH-906-BJackson Enterprise
HR 6348ATPK-482-BLookout Military Test Facility
HR 6514AMPG-270-ASite 16
Hun NuA 2Ariane’s Pride Crash Site
Hyades Sector EB-X d1-591MHS-295-BDixon Dock
Hyades Sector IR-U b3-51 dMHS-295-CDixon Dock
Irandan1Acropolis Navigation Beacon
– obsolete message, pointing to system
that Acropolis jumped to next (3304)
Jotunheim7 aGCS Sarasvati
Kwakimo7 bDedicant
LHS 10472LYC-182-AGeneration Ship Lycaon
LHS 15962HYP-457-AGeneration Ship Hyperion
LHS 22062THE-288-AGeneration Ship Thetis
LP 714-582 aDedicant
LP 855-101VEN-393-AGeneration Ship Venusian
LP 926-40A 1Slough Unauthorised Installation
Lupus Dark Region AF-Z b1ALAB-121-BTrading Vessel MD-003
Lupus Dark Region DW-V b2-1AJPR-590-CUnregistered Derelict
Lupus Dark Region JY-Q b5-1A 2JPR-590-BUnregistered Derelict
Luyten’s Star3Aegis Statement 3309
MaiaA 1LWU-168-ADominic’s Corner
MaiaA 2POT­-008-0Communication Hub Zeta 12
MaiaA 3 aEvacuation Broadcast
Maidjin5 dOmega Grid
Mel 111 Sector BL-O b6-0ASPS-927-A34 Virginis Abandoned SRV
Mel 111 Sector CL-P b5-1ADAH-906-CJackson Enterprise
Merope1PEP-663-C*Sharpe Works
Merope1 bVJS­-080-AHIP 14909 Distress Call
Neche2 aHyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
Ngaruayanka3Seo Jin-ae – Nemesis Investigation
NGC 1999 Sector HN-S b4-0ATX-B-13Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
NGC 1999 Sector ZU-X b1-0ATX-B-14Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
NGC 2632 Sector IW-W c1-0ALSC-811-BColumbus Expedition Camp 14
NjambalbaB 1Sandra’s Postbox (Festive Event 2022)
NLTT 551642 aART-360-AGeneration Ship Artemis
OlurungBC 2Dedicant
Pegasi Sector TT-X a2-24DAG-483-COrion’s Folly
Perseus Dark Region LN-K b8-0A
( A Belt
Cluster 3 )
Pic Tok2AAS-630-CDav’s Hope
Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-42LAT-292-AScrump Landing
Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-43VJS­-080-BHIP 14909 Distress Call
Pleiades Sector DL-Y d401JNU-292-BResearch Base LV 87
Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-13A 6LWU-168-B*Dominic’s Corner
Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57A 3KWP-458-BRecon 6 Crash Site
Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57A 5LWI-080-AResearch Base KG-3362
Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-74A 2PEP-663-ASharpe Works
Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-791 aDRJ-184-B*Site 94
Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-51LWI-080-BResearch Base KG-3362
1 of 2 listening posts
(closer to body 1 – 0.50 Ls)
Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-51NNP-292-AVictoria’s Song
2 of 2 listening posts
(further from body 1 – 0.66 Ls)
Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16AJPK-050-BRelay Station PSJ 17
1 of 2 listening posts
(closer to body A – 5.23 Ls)
Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16ALAT-292-B*Scrump Landing
2 of 2 listening posts
(further from body A – 20.4 Ls)
Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-45WKD-184-CPenal Colony BV-2259
Pleiades Sector KX-T b3-1A 2PEP-663-B*Sharpe Works
Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7A 3QRX-663-CBug Killer Crashed Anaconda
Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-02WKD-184-BPenal Colony BV 2259
1 of 2 listening posts
(closer to body 2 – 9.04 Mm)
Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-02BGK-163-CComms Facility 89563
2 of 2 listening posts
(further from body 2 – 11.6 Mm)
Pleione6RVH-113-ABetterton Outpost
Plio Eurl JI-H b25-0A 3LSC-811-CColumbus Expedition Camp 14
– incorrectly placed, should be in
Wregoe VK-H b25-0
Praea Euq AQ-X c1-89EDY-278-BTransport Vessel Solomon
Praea Euq BQ-X c1-11A 1EDY-278-CTransport Vessel Solomon
Praea Euq FV-Y c12A 1 cLAB-121-ATrading Vessel MD-003
Praea Euq MR-W c1-201 a aLAB-121-CTrading Vessel MD-003
Praea Euq NN-S b4-0A 4 aIJD-848-CTrading Vessel MD-002
Praea Euq XJ-Z c01EDY-278-ATransport Vessel Solomon
Pulano3SJK-378-ACommunication Array Delta 69
Puppis Sector FB-X b1-43PLE-461-AGeneration Ship Pleione
( 1 )
Halley Terminal
Ross 4461WAS-762-AIstanu Unauthorised Installation
Ruka2AWP-047-AResearch Facility 5592
( 3 )
Omega Grid
Scorpii Sector IR-W c1-35AAWP-047-CResearch Facility 5592
ShamashAShamash Murder Signal
Shamash4Shamash Murder Signal
Shamash5 cShamash Murder Signal
Swoilz TU-R b10-23LRM-571-BTrading Vessel MD-004
Swoilz TZ-R b10-4ALRM-571-CTrading Vessel MD-004
Swoilz XR-W c4-31A 3 fLRM-571-ATrading Vessel MD-004
Swoiwns YM-J b1-6A 1ABW-372-CUnlisted Wreckage Site
Synuefai JI-R d5-126AMT-135-BExtraction Site V-81
Synuefai ML-U b20-0AAMT-135-CExtraction Site V-81
Synuefai SS-Y b18-01 aAMT-135-AExtraction Site V-81
Synuefai VJ-C b19-12 aJPS-318-BPirate Cache
Synuefe BA-X b34-2ATX-B-05Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Synuefe CV-P c8-116JPS-318-APirate Cache
Synuefe DP-J b56-52 aHDH-106-AExploration Camp C-NO4
Synuefe FM-S b37-4ATX-B-04Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Synuefe GB-O c9-810 dHyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
Synuefe HY-P d6-31ATX-B-07Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Synuefe JJ-O d7-55ATX-B-06Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Synuefe KM-E b59-10AHDH-106-CExploration Camp C-NO4
Synuefe KN-A a82-0APAH-135-CUnregistered Sensor Array
Synuefe MQ-H c12-4ATX-B-08Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Synuefe RJ-U b21-0ATX-B-09Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Synuefe TI-A b20-1AJPS-318-CPirate Cache
Synuefe XE-Y c17-73 aAdamastor Listening Post
(Partially Unsolved)
Taurus Dark Region UY-R b4-0B
( A Belt
Cluster 5 )
Taygeta3JNU-292-AResearch Base LV 87
TemnetA 1DRD-599-ATransmitter VJS-81
Teorge1 cRAGAZZA-1Teorge Listening Posts
Teorge3 cRAGAZZA-2Teorge Listening Posts
Teorge3 eRAGAZZA-3Teorge Listening Posts
Teorge4 aRAGAZZA-4Teorge Listening Posts
Teorge4 bRAGAZZA-5Teorge Listening Posts
Teorge5 dRAGAZZA-6Teorge Listening Posts
Teorge5 eRAGAZZA-7Teorge Listening Posts
Thoth1 aTransport Lakon Baker Gamma Sierra Heavy
Trapezium Sector FH-U c3-3ATX-B-15Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Tseen FooAABW-372-AUnlisted Wreckage Site
UpaniklisA 5The Golconda
VaratiA 3The Bifrost
WaikiriAXB9-556-BKoli Discii Crashed Ship / Gregorys Rest
WasatA 1Hyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
Witch Head Sector OT-Q b5-0ATX-B-10Hesperus Beacon Trail – Proteus
Wredguia DQ-R b20-0AMFZ-343-CLazarus Outpost
Wredguia EB-F d11-37AB 5 aAEE-846-CColony SNB-86
Wredguia EB-M c21-11ABC 1 aAEE-846-AColony SNB-86
Wredguia IT-J b51-2AMPG-270-BSite 16
Wredguia KC-K c22-1AAEE-846-BColony SNB-86
Wredguia ML-P d5-21A 4BPG-478-BHIP 20556 Abandoned SRV
Wredguia PR-N d6-289 cBPG-478-AHIP 20556 Abandoned SRV
Wredguia QO-K b24-05MFZ-343-BLazarus Outpost
Wredguia RI-S d4-10BMFZ-343-ALazarus Outpost
Wredguia UX-L d7-53ABPG-478-CHIP 20556 Abandoned SRV
Wregoe CU-B b15-01TTM-251-AHerpin Research Base
Wregoe DK-R b4-12Hyfords Cache / Colonia Crash Site
Wregoe DZ-D b39-6APAH-135-BUnregistered Sensor Array
Wregoe IB-Z c28-18SAS-545-CTrading Vessel MD-001
Wregoe IJ-M b22-0ALSC-811-AColumbus Expedition Camp 14
Wregoe NW-X b16-03TTM-251-CHerpin Research Base
Wregoe PD-K d8-40APAH-135-AUnregistered Sensor Array
Wregoe PV-C c26-16ALCA-895-CSite 426
Wregoe RZ-W c2-12MTE-256-AColony Site BNI-87
Wregoe TA-E d12-61SAS-545-ATrading Vessel MD-001
Wregoe YB-C d13-36ASAS-545-BTrading Vessel MD-001
Wregoe YY-B b15-0AB 1TTM-251-BHerpin Research Base
Zhao Jin5 aOmega Grid


SystemBodyRelated Location / Notes
( 6 d )
Pilots’ Memorial
( 5 b )
Pilots’ Memorial
Asellus Primus3Pilots’ Memorial
Cat’s Paw Sector BQ-Y d153AMemorial: Emil’s Voice
ColoniaPilots’ Memorial
Colonia4Memorial: CMDR Garak
Daha DetiLumitar
( 1 a )
Memorial: Natalie Fraser
Dromi1Pilots’ Memorial
Evelyn’s LightAMemorial: Evelyn Faye Roy
Heart Sector EB-X c1-127Memorial: CMDR Alexander McKinnon
Heart Sector IR-V b2-0A 1Memorial: for Fluk
HR 7999AB 1Memorial: HR 7999
Hyperion1 bMemorial: CMDR Adam Taylor
Jok OduduA 1Memorial: Wolfblood Memorial
LHS 3505A 3Memorial: CMDR Vaeltava
NLTT 52560A 4Memorial: CMDR Cygnull
Oochorrs YB-K c25-2BC 1Memorial: CMDR Brutal Deluxe
Pollux1Memorial: Pollox D568
Sadr Region Sector PD-S b4-22Memorial: Charles Memorial
Shana Bei6Memorial: CMDR Tony Voller
Shinrarta DezhraFounders
( 4 )
Pilots’ Memorial
( 3 )
Pilots’ Memorial
Wolf 1301Navia
( 1 )
Memorial: Family is more than blood
, , ,

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