Imperial Navy Fleet

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Imperial Navy Fleet

The Imperial Navy maintains a number of their vessels on permanent patrol stations, in addition to their active fleet that can be found in Conflict Zones.

Ship’s that do not carry an INV prefix are the personal ships of Senators and others of High Imperial Society.

These ships may occasionally be accompanied by additional Imperial Navy vessels who will open fire on you if you stray too close to them or the Capital Ship. When no additional vessels are around, the Capital Ship is safe to approach.

Note: since the Empire’s withdrawal from the Pleiades reported 12 OCT 3303, many of these assigned patrol stations have likely changed.

Name Patrol Location Notes
INV Maximillian Wrekcht Achenar 5
RZS Cerberus Carthage – Cho RZS prefix meaning is unknown
Aisling’s Hope Carthage – New Carthage Possibly Aisling Duval’s ship
INV Denton Patreus Ch’eng 4
Imperial Freedom Eotienses B 2 Flagship of Senator Denton Patreus
INV Shield of Martyrs Facece – Coates’s Mine
Facece INV Achenar’s Will Arrives at Capital Ship Debris
INV Duval’s Judgement Facece – New America
INV Emperor’s Creed Facece – Peter’s Wreck
INV Maximillian Wrekcht Facece – Topaz
INV Trasken Duval I Facece 8 Arrives at Capital Ship Debris
INV Achenar’s Might HR 1185 A 4
INV Shield of the Empire HR 1475 A 2
Artemesia LTT 9810 A 4 Personal ship of Senator Torval
INV Replicator Mundjiga A 1 Named for appeal top CMDR Replicator_
INV Dreadnought Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 9 a (-26.3420, 97.7335) Crashed Unknown Ship guard
INV Credo Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 D 3 (3.3074, -70.9715) Barnacle Guard
INV Duval’s Shield Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 D 3 (30.1820, -54.4523) Barnacle Guard
INV Emperor’s Creed Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 D 3 (13.5981, -35.2571) Barnacle Guard
INV Trasken Duval III Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 D 4
INV Hall’s Memory Pleione
INV Duval’s Creed Pleione 11 a (-6.2472, -173.9321) Barnacle Guard
INV Emperor’s Trust Pleione 11 a (2.3189, 177.2434) Barnacle Guard
INV Rex Pleione 11 a (0.8185, 176.5622) Barnacle Guard
INV Achenar’s Might Siksikas 4
Xanadu Synteini A 2 Personal ship of Senator Zemina Torval

Capital Ship Docks

The Imperial Navy also maintains a number of Capital Ship Dock facilities that can be found adjacent to a small number of Imperial-controlled star ports.

  • Baal A 2 – Oterma Station
  • Cubeo 3 – Chelomey Orbital
  • Ditae 2 – Langley Dock
  • Ekono A 1 – Lundmark Terminal
  • Facece – Topaz (Military Installation)
  • Khruvandji A – Consolmagno Enterprise
  • Larg AB 1 – Kagawa Survey
  • Lemovi 7 – Royo Dock
  • Malaikudi A 1 – Leopold Heckmann Ring
  • Ugrivirii 2 – Jefferies Port

These dock facilities have dual berths containing two Majestic-class Interdictors, both showing signs of battle damage, and undergoing repairs. The ships are never not broadcasting a transponder signal, and do not carry any identifying hull markings, so cannot be identified.

One or more Satellites can be found in the immediate area, giving Engineer Data when scanned.

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