Janus Corp. Medical Research Centre

Janus Corp. Medical Research Centre

Janus Corp. Medical Research Centre is an installation in the HIP 106288 system, just above the rings of body 3 – it can only be approached from one side, so use caution on approach.

A number of science ships are in the area.

Four Ship Log Uplink points can be located along the structure. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of each post to scan them and retrieve the logs:

Chief Research Officers Log: Dr Mitch

The serum is being administered. We won’t know the results for a few days. The previous patients had a very low rate of progress and have been disposed of. I have made it clear to our suppliers that I will not tolerate such substandard stock again. I need healthy individuals not the scraps of humanity scavenged from whatever war torn back water they found the last lot.

At least the latest batch seems more suitable, but only time will tell.

Chief Security Officers Log: Officer Wyatt

A few of the new batch of patients are not taking the serum. We caught some of them disposing of the injections; they rolled over on the others. This explains their rowdiness and the inaccurate results the Doctors were seeing.

I’ve raised this with Dr Mitch and we’ve decided to separate the ring leaders from the general population. If it was up to me I’d flush them all out in to the black. But for some reason Dr Mitch wants to keep them around.

Chief Research Officers Log: Dr Mitch

I was right to keep this group alive and to think I almost let that ape Wyatt toss them out the airlock.

After a sequence of testing it appears that the patients stopped taking the serum all have a common genome. They were able to resist the effects, but how?

If I can isolate this it might trigger another avenue of study. I must keep hold of them as a control group and screen the others for this genome. It’s the key I have been looking for.

Chief Security Officers Log: Officer Wyatt

Corporate and their damn spot checks.

They show up out of the blue, demanding to see manifests and project logs.

The patients were kept out of the way and Dr Mitch’s research is not on the books so they didn’t find anything. But when we did the count one was missing.

Tommy, he was one of the control group. We’ve search the entire facility and no sign. The doctor is not going to like this.

Listening Post

The location of this installation is revealed by the nearby listening post:

HIP 105408 2 b

…Unauthorised message detected…

No Matching Signals Detected

…Decoding data stream…

…PartiaI message recovered…

My name…Tommy…l was…big journey…out to see…stars…something wrong…escape pods launched…they found us…or was it them…no, no I’m fine…no drugs…darkness and dreams…bright light in my eyes…experimenting on people… using progenitor cells and other…worse…kinds of procedures…they say…is it…to slow aging… don’t believe them……not sure how…l got away…was sure they would find me. Some big corporate facility, I… If you are hearing this they…l can’t go back…research installation…3…Gas giant…HI…P 106288… heIp us…

…Signal Corrupted…

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