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This is the story of a small surface base named Lazarus Outpost on Wredguia RI-S d4-4 on planet A 1 at 41.6866, -17.0294 (use the Detail Surface Scanner to reveal it, you may have to drop out of supercruise for it to show). There are four Settlement Comms Log Uplinks and a Data point giving encoded materials, as well as low level materials lying around.

The base was found via three Listening Posts in Wredguia RI-S d4-10, Wredguia DQ-R b20-0, and Wredguia QO-K b24-0. You may need to scan the system with the FSS to find it.

The messages read:

Commanders Log:

I don’t know how I survived. I can’t remember the actual crash, just my systems failing and the planet getting closer in the cockpit window. Then nothing until I woke up here.

Looking at the wreck I should be dead, but somehow I’m here without a scratch.

Commanders Log:

My journey seems to be over. There is no way I can get the ship repaired all the way out here and no one is going to come looking for me.

The ship is a wreck but if I’m going to live out here I’m going to have to use the mission supplies to make this place habitable. It won’t be pretty but it should keep me alive.

Commanders Log:

I know this wasn’t my mission. I was meant to get much deeper into the galaxy and find potential habitable planets.

But, this has turned into a real adventure. Proper life and death stuff.

The mission supplies got me started and I’ve managed to build a reasonable base camp from the ship wreckage.

Life is hard, but right now it’s enough to be alive.

Commanders Log:

It’s been years since the crash. I still have dreams about it. Nothing solid, but I’m left with the feeling that something greater than myself had a hand in saving me. I’m not a religious man and I know it sounds very hocus pocus. But I believe there is something out there watching over us.

This site was reported by Vivi4n in April 3308, but is believed to date from far earlier.

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