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Planet Dave Outpost

This is a small abandoned settlement found on Col 285 Sector ZT-I b25-0 2 A via three Listening Posts in Col 285 sector jj-f c12-10, Col 285 sector hg-f b27-0 and hip 79256.

There are five settlement data links that give the sad story of Planet Dave (no audio).

Commanders Log: July 20th 3201

I guess I’m stuck here for the foreseeable future.

I’ve deleted the logs from the past two weeks. I couldn’t stand the negativity l was spewing out.

I’ve got to own this or it will kill me.

Time I got on with life.

First order of business: what to call my new home. I think… Planet Dave. Yeah I like the sound of that.

Commanders Log: August 24th 3201

What I wouldn’t give for an engineer right about now.

A planet’s worth of resources and no way to get off this rock.

At least this derelict offers some shelter, Planet Dave can be a rough place. We seem to suffer from the occasional
meteor strike.

On the bright side, I’ve managed to repair the SRV and the scanners are saying that there is some kind of settlement pretty close.

I think I can make it and with any luck they’ll have a comms tower so I can call for help.

Commanders Log: August 27th 3201

Welcome to another sunny day on Planet Dave. Getting to the settlement was a hell of a trek, much further than I had planned for but I made it. Only problem is this place is a ruin. Some remnant from a bygone age of early exploration or some crap like that.

Looks like the previous residents were planning on colonising this place, but I guess something went wrong. Some kind of mini meteor shower. The habitats look like Swiss cheese in places. I guess they never saw it coming, just pop, pop, pop and then no air. Poor folks were still in there, well what was left of them anyway. I gave them as good a burial as I could.

Not going to be much, but if I can fix it up and get the power back online, maybe I can call it home.

Commanders Log: October 9th 3235

Wow! Has it been that long. I can still remember the day I found this place.

Well a lot has changed since then. I’ve become a farmer. I know, who would have thought it? A farmer on an airless
world in the middle of nowhere. The lone resident of Planet Dave.

My friends, and I do think of them as friends, for how else can you describe someone that has given you such a gift. My friends turned out to be some kind of early terraformers, or botanists, or something. Anyway they were researching ways of growing plants and food in farm pods. There are enough seeds and supplies for more than my lifetime.

I talk to them sometimes, when I feel lonely. After reading all the expedition logs I feel I know them. They have saved me, and though I’m not a scientist I’m going to keep this place alive. In their memory.

Commanders Log: March 13th 3300

I guess I always expected that I would be rescued. That someone would happen across this little backwater planet, find me and I’d get me back to civilisation, but I realise now after all these years that maybe I didn’t want to be found. That I didn’t want to go back.

This place has given me everything I needed to survive. These guys really packed for every possible outcome. The farm pod has given me all the food I needed, the supplies and equipment they had has kept me alive when I had no right to be. I must thank them for that.

It’s been a good life. Not What I was going for, I have to admit, but a good life nonetheless.

Now this old man is going for a well deserved rest Commander Robinson signing off.


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