Memorial: Evelyn Faye Roy

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Memorial: Evelyn Faye Roy

Located 698 Ly from Colonia, Evelyn’s Light is a system with a Neutron Star as its primary star. The system supports 4 gas giants, along with a secondary K class star. The Pilot’s federation records CMDR JELLOWIGGLER as the first to discover this system. EDSM records CMDR ISKARIOTDK as the first to record the system, with only 311 recorded visitors as of 3309-01-21.

0.73 Ls around the Neutron star is located a Listening Post, named Memorial Evelyn Faye Roy.

Dropping in and targeting the listening post will result in downloading the following message. The message comes with an audio log, but it doesn’t appear to contain any known language. The audio log does sound potentially underwater, and the message does reference the ocean, perhaps there is more to be learned from this.

If I were teal, I would be a long wave crashing,
amongst graceful, big whales feeling freedom and happiness.
If I were gold, I would be a beautiful starfish,
and I would be called The Star Of The Sea.
If I were lilac purple, you would find me growing as a tiny flower,
laying on the soft, warm sand on the beach.
If I were millennial pink, I would be a seahorse prancing in the sea,
or a comfortable beach house for children to have fun in.
If I were apple green, you could say I was in the bottom of the deep blue sea,
having many different, colourful fish living happily in me.
If I were luminous yellow, I would be the large, bright sun,
racing the water at sunset while everybody watches in awe.
If I were hot pink, I would be a pretty jellyfish,
leaping in the fresh water watching the fish swim on by.
If I were navy blue, I would be a seashell washing up on shore,
feeling the touch of sand against me while being the most elegant thing in the salty ocean.
If I were white, I would be a piece of sea glass,
as people walk along the shoreline collecting more of me.
If I were sky blue, I would be the sky above the never- ending sea,
home to many creatures, watching them as they play.

(3294 – 3306)
Audio from the Listening Post

Information, image, and audio credit to CMDR Marxanthius


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