Persephone Expedition

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Persephone Expedition

This is a small expedition crash site on HIP 84326 1a (use the Detail Surface Scanner to find it). It has three Settlement Comms Uplinks that give logs and a Data Link that gives data materials. The site can be located by triangulation from three Listening Posts in HIP 83788, Col 359 sector QJ-V c17-7 and Col 359 sector ZQ-R c19-7.

The logs tell the story of the expedition

The Lucky Few 1/3

Crew Log:

I knew when I signed Up for this expedition that we were not coming back.

But it was not meant to be like this. I guess we can be considered lucky, after all if this had happened in deep space we would have been dead in seconds.

Now that it’s happened, l don’t know, i can’t stop thinking about the crash.

I thought I was lucky to survive, but Thomas was the lucky one. At least she didn’t have to watch as we all keel over one by one down here.

The Lucky Few 2/3

Crew log:

I keep thinking of my mother’s last words before I left. “Be careful. it’s dangerous and no one knows what’s out there.”
How right she was.

Oh well, nothing to do now but sit back, enjoy the view and hope for a rescue before our air runs out. And it is a really nice view.

The Lucky Few 3/3

Crew log:

We’ve seen so much out there. Some of it beautiful, some terrifying.

I know this is the end, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

If anyone finds this, please use the data we’ve collected for a good cause. I’d hate to think we wasted our time out here.

This base and the listening posts were found and reported by CMDR Davanix


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