Professor Carver’s Crashed Sidewinder

Professor Carver’s Crashed Sidewinder

A crashed Sidewinder can be found on HIP 69200 1 b which forms part of the Adamastor storyline. There is a data core to scan for a message (with audio), and some cargo canisters lying around the crash.

The Sidewinder was taken from the megaship Adamastor by Professor Carver as it attempted to return from the Coalsack Nebula with newly discovered Thargoid discoveries in 3111.

The crash was found from the message on the Adamastor combined with a Galnet article published when the it returned. HIP 69200 is 178 Ly from Chukchan, which matches the ‘1.. Ly’ part of the message from the Adamastor, and is at the end of a path going through Chukchan and the systems named in the Galnet article (HIP 61595, HIP 64011 and HIP 65201).

The message is:


This is Professor Carver. I’ve just got time to record this before the others join me. In case we don’t make it.

Things went to hell on the Adamastor much faster than before. When it left orbit without picking up the rest of my team, we were furious. Weirdly, so were some of the soldiers — mercenaries, just like the rumours said. They demanded to know why half their squad had been left behind, but the bridge crew refused to explain anything.

Then the power fluctuations started. Sheng, O’Keefe and I knew what was coming. The cage they’ve constructed in the cargo hold isn’t going to be strong enough. Even the Adamastor’s hyperdrive keeps failing. They’re making emergency repairs to it now while we’re passing through some unexplored system, with half the ship in darkness.

This sounds crazy but even though the nebula is three hundred light years behind us, it feels like it’s reaching out, trying to drag us back… swallow us whole.

When all the security systems crashed, I took my chance and broke into one of the Sidewinders. We’re going to jump ship. I need to get my people out. The few who are left. I’m the reason they’re here, my stupid, selfish greed.

I can hear screaming. Shooting. It’s happening again! Where’s Sheng and O’Keefe? I think the hyperdrive is coming back online – I need to launch! Damn it, where are they?

I’m sorry. I have to get out. Oh God… I’m so sorry…

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