Professor Palin’s Technological Breakthrough

Professor Palin’s Technological Breakthrough

Professor Palin’s Technological Breakthrough


Professor Ishmael Palin is the founder and former leader of the Palin Institute, as well as an independent Engineer skilled in the improvement of Thrusters (Grade 5) and Frame Shift Drives (Grade 3). Palin also researches alien technologies such as Unknown Artefacts, and offers Cargo Racks that resist their corrosive effects during transport. His base of operations is the Palin Research Centre on Maia A 3 A.

Professor Palin now an Engineer since update 2.2 The Engineers is able to produce a Corrosive Resistant Cargo Rack or CRCR for short, these cargo racks allow CMDRs to hold Unknown Probes and Unknown Artefacts in their ship without taking Corrosive damage, although the Cargo capacity is significantly reduced compared to normal cargo racks.

Be warned, the Federation have placed a blockade above his base, (Capital Ship) If you get too close it will engage, so be careful when landing and taking off CMDRs

How do I Unlock Professor Palin in order to get these cargo racks?


Palin Research Centre | MAIA


Get access Marco Qwent ( Then Palin will become available after unlocking grade 3-4 with Qwent).


Attain a maximum distance from your career start location of at least 5,000 light years.


Provide 25 units of Unknown Fragments.


Craft modules.
Sell exploration data to Palin Research Centre.

Note: Station services won’t be available immediately after the engineer is unlocked. Please re-log to make them available.

Credit goes to INARA and Elite wiki for some information and images

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