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Sharpe Works is a settlement on Pleiades Sector IC-U B3-1 planet 1 at -4.9515, -85.7631. It can be found from Listening Posts at Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-74 A 2, Pleiades Sector KX-T B3-1 A 2, and Merope 1 with codes PEP-663-A.


Governor Tanaka to Mrs Tanaka — 8723

My love, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that my term is almost over. This place has been a nightmare. I’ve had to deal with an overworked security force, underpaid administrative staff, a volatile population and the constant threat of strikes from municipal workers. Add to that the panic surrounding these reports of mysterious ships, and I’m just about at my limit.

Only two weeks to go. Two more weeks, and I won’t give this place a second glance. I can’t wait to be with you again.
Until then.

Governor Tanaka to Mrs Tanaka – 8728

As if the mood in the settlement wasn’t tense enough, some pilot just made an emergency landing outside our perimeter. He was babbling about some strange craft in the system.

He came In hot, his hull covered with laser scarring. When they brought him in for debriefing he was screaming like a madman. Something about aliens returning to human space? I didn’t even know they’d been here before. Rumours of his report have already reached the civilian population. They’re clamouring for me to organise a mass evacuation, and are threatening to revolt if I don’t. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about!

I hate to burden you with this my dear, but you’re the only one I can confide in. This will all be over soon, I promise. Until then.

Governor Tanaka to Mrs Tanaka – 8731

There was a riot last night. I’ve put all security teams on high alert. I should have taken the threats of a revolt more seriously. At least it didn’t spread beyond the civilian quarter. Only minor injuries among the security forces, who managed to quell the uprising with non-lethal measures.

In light of this I’ve decided to accede to their request and order an evacuation of the settlement. It’s a logistical nightmare, and it might mean I have to stay on past my resignation date. But once it’s done I’ll be home free. I promise.

Governor Tanaka to Mrs Tanaka — 8734

The settlement has come under attack. It seems that the pilot wasn’t crazy after all. I saw one of the ships as it flew overhead. Whatever is attacking us is definitely not human.

Much of the population has already gone, but I ordered an emergency evacuation all the same. There’s just me and a few civilians left. We’re about to head to the hangar now.

Even if I have to fly the ship myself, I promise I will see you again.

Until then.


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