The Bifrost

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The Bifrost

The Bifrost is a crashed Anaconda in Col 173 Sector LJ-F c12-0 on body A 4 c, at -68.0162, 49.9007 (in Live/4.0) or at 23.5061, 154.8769 (in Legacy/3.8).

Around the crash site there are a variety of engineering materials, an access point to give data, and three logs.

The Bifrost was part of a Canonn event in which a listening post in Varati could be scanned which would point you to Canonn Council Member CMDR Lady Outspan who would then direct you to the Bifrost.


Lost Expedition 1/3

This is Captain Powell. We’re marooned on this rock, but at least we’re alive. And everything was going so well! We gathered data from an obelisk at an ancient ruin – a formula for a new alcoholic drink. It seemed too good to be true – we’d be able to manufacture it and then sell it as a new rare item. It was going to make us rich. Anyway, we might have got a bit carried away and started the distillation process on the ship… until something went wrong with the still and it exploded. We managed to crash land the ship and we’re lucky no one got injured. Now me, Red Wizard, and Kyp Shard are stuck here waiting for someone to find us.

Lost Expedition 2/3

This is starting to get a little tedious. One day is just blurring into the next and what food we have we’ve had to ratio. The only other thing we’ve been able to salvage from our ship was the still we’d built, but it seemed a waste not to use it. After all, when you’re stranded on a rock in the middle of nowhere what else is there to do? It’s a pity we didn’t stock up on Kamitra Cigars – that might have turned this into a real vacation!

Lost Expedition 3/3

Looks like the vacation is over! Huros just arrived to rescue us and not a moment too soon – we were starting to run out of booze! When we asked hi how he found us he said, “My sensors detected high alcohol levels in this systems and I had to check it out. That’s when I found you jokers. Good job, I’ve got room on board to take passengers, now lets get you back to the Gnosis… for a reasonable fee.” That guy is all heart!

Listening Posts

While the listening points remains, without Lady Outspan directing traffic there is no way to find the Bifrost site through normal listening post methods. The one listening post tied to this location is as follows:


Listening Post Signal Data

***Distress Signal Detected***

Matching Signals Detected: Synuefe QM-I b43-10

Mayday, mayday. This is Lady Outspan calling all Canonn members. I’m out of fuel and in need of help. Stupid of me, I know, but I’m’ on an important mission. News reached us of a lost expedition near the ruins in Col 173 Sector LJ-F c12-0 and I had to investigate. My location is the Jonas Inc. Relay Station C-64 in Synuefe QM-I b43-10. Please send help.

…Transmission Ends…

Player Comms

Upon arriving at Jonas Inc. Relay Station C-64, Lady Outspan would message the player.

System Message

Calling any ships in the system… Mayday! This is Lady Outspan of Canonn. I was on a rescue mission for Canonn. Need fuel, adrift and systems failing. Mayday!

Upon Approach

To the commander of the approaching vessel, please help a lady in need, can you spare some fuel? I was out looking for a lost Canonn Expedition. If you refuel me I’ll tell you where to find them

After Sharing Fuel

I owe you one, Commander. This fuel should get me back to the Gnosis. I was here to find a missing expedition. They are on planet A 4 c in the Col 173 Sector LJ-F c12-0 system. Lat: 23.5 Long 154.87. Can you go find them please?

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