Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship DFX-056

Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship DFX-056

The Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship DFX-056 was last reported in orbit of the moon Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 1 a.

The ship is heavily damaged, destroyed by weapons consistent with other Thargoid attacks, leaving green hull scarring and some kind of green gas throughout the area.

A Ship Log Uplink point can be located on the hull. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of the post to scan it and retrieve the log:

We’ve been pulled out of hyperspace.

Unknown vessel commencing scan, systems shut down. Preparing to get under way once scan complete.

Wait… Wait… What… it’s charging something new…

…Signal terminated at source…

A Thargoid Ship may still be in the area; if not, Medical and Emergency Aid ships will be present, rescuing the survivors.

A number of Engineer Materials and Cargo Canisters are scattered nearby.

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