Biscuit Bugle 12: Start of The Galactic Recession

Biscuit Bugle 12: Start of The Galactic Recession

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After such a long hiatus, the Biscuit Bugle as back, and ready to make articles again! Though these past few months have been slow in terms of news, I’m back in business again and will try my best to be more regular in my articles. As well with a new year comes new changes and additions to the Bugle, which will be revealed at the end of the article!

This week, on the return of the Bugle, we’ll be talking about the Eagle Eye stations, Anti-Thargoid Megaships, and touching lightly on the recent trouble with the galactic economy.

Acropolis and Vanguard

First up are the new experimental Anti-Thargoid megaships Acropolis and Vanguard, which are currently located in Lunguni and Mentor respectively. These two megaships were recently finished by Aegis and are reported to be fully mobile and able to jump from system to system, similar to The Gnosis, but have no flight operations schedules so far. These two megaships are in a class of their own, functioning as ships capable to fight Thargoid vessels on an even playing field. Sporting a mix of traditional weapons and AX Weapons, alongside with anti-corrosive plating and extra generators onboard the ship, these Megaships so far are unknown in terms of firepower capabilities, but they have been rumored to be able to stand up to multiple Thargoid ships at once. A quick report of the megaships show that they seem to be styled in a similar way to civilian Megaships, but with added supports, some able to be seen sticking out of the surface, and a dark grey paint job applied.

Eagle Eye Reports

In these past few weeks, a recent discovery of these satellites called “Eagle Eye Stations” have been discovered by pilots, and have been reported to be intercepting, translating, and storing information on where the Thargoids will be striking next, along with data on barnacles and crashed ships. In civilized systems pointed to by these stations Thargoid Scouts have been reported. Not every week have stations in the systems being attacked, thus leading to the idea that the assault data intercepted might be fuzzy, or possibly a distraction altogether.

Eagle Eye Stations are publically displayed on Galnet, and are in HIP 17692, HR 1185, HIP 17892, HIP 17225, Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4, and Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55. It is currently unknown if there are more Eagle Eye stations out there, or if these six are the only ones online.

The Galactic Recession

A few months ago the galactic economy has slowly started turning upside down, mostly in a rather interesting way that we haven’t seen since ancient times. Ever since the destruction of a majority of stations in the Pleiades, and a large section of The Bubble’s population evacuating to Colonia, there has been a noticeable turn around in prices in a large section, if not a majority of The Bubble. Many markets have been selling their goods in supply at a rate much higher than the Galactic Average, and most demands have been for a price far below the Galactic Average.

Along with prices spiking considerably, and selling for much less, it’s been noticed that a large number of stations have begun slowing down their processes and have been producing fewer goods recently, thus marking the beginning of what seems to be a galactic recession. This is most likely partly because of a lack of sales stations have been making from the effort to fix the stations in need or repair, as well as the mass printing of illegal credits that a few systems have been suspected of. If things are left unchanged, we could see a galactic depression in the next few months, which would be the first depression since ancient times.

New Bugle Addition: Fan Stories!

Starting this week, I’m encouraging any pilots to send in their stories for a chance to be featured in the upcoming Bugle articles! Stories can range from reports, news, to even interesting personal journal entries. To any CMDR interested in submitting a story to be featured in the Bugle, please send your written story as you’d like it in the Bugle, alongside your CMDR name to me personally, and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance to everyone who submits a story to the Biscuit Bugle.

If anyone has any feedback about the Bugle or any suggestions for sections or events to report on, I would love to hear it. Thank you to all of my weekly readers for supporting and taking the time to read my articles at the end of each week.

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