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Galactic Bugle Article 15: State of The Bubble

Welcome to the 15th article of the Galactic Bugle. This week will be an update on the Eagle Eye satellites, some small notes I’ve noticed about the on the morale and state of the bubble, and a summary of this and last week’s events.

Galactic Bugle 13: Change

Welcome to the 13th Edition of the Galactic Bugle! This week I’ll be using this article to convey a list of the changes going into the Bugle, as well as a few recent happenings around the Human Bubble.

Biscuit Bugle 12: Start of The Galactic Recession

After such a long hiatus, the Biscuit Bugle as back, and ready to make articles again! Though these past few months have been slow in terms of news, I’m back in business again and will try my best to be more regular in my articles.

The Biscuit Bugle Special Report: Canonnball 3

With the conclusion of the 3rd Canonnball, a competition featuring ciphering, codes, and puzzles that is hosted every year by CMDR Clarion-Z of Canonn. This year the gauntlet of 10 puzzles were heavily riddle and code based, and included piloting through hazardous terrain. This is the end report and summary of the puzzles for Canonnball 3, where I participated and placed 3rd.