Biscuit Bugle Article 11: Emergency Evacuation!

Biscuit Bugle Article 11: Emergency Evacuation!

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Welcome Commanders to the 11th Article of the Biscuit Bugle! This week we’ll be talking about the recent attack on various stations in the Pleiades area, and the emergency evacuations the three stations.

The Oracle in Flames

Late last week everyone received an emergency broadcast from the Pilot’s Federation, the broadcast bringing chills down many Commander’s spines as they read the contents. The report read that multiple stations in the Pleiades Nebula were attacked by a new Thargoid variant, nicknamed “Medusa” for it’s paralyzingly dangerous appearance, and that emergency rescue operations have begun. The stations that have been attacked were the main 3 Aegis stations in the Pleiades area, The Oracle, Titan’s Daughter, and Liman’s Legacy.

The Oracle had received the most damage to the station, having half of the habitation ring either destroyed or in flames, it’s reactor core exposed and nearing critical, and large chunks of the station either on fire or destroyed. Death totals from the initial attack have been estimated to be in the hundreds, if not the thousands, with most of the station’s residents trapped inside the collapsing station. Titan’s Daughter received a small amount of visible damage, with some parts of the Coriolis on fire. All Commanders have been requested to transfer their ships to a safe starport nearby, and that the cost of the emergency transport will be fully paid for. Liman’s Legacy has received the least amount of damage, with the outer structure of the Orbis station ablaze, but most of the station intact.

The Pilot’s Federation has supplied 3 Large Rescue Megaships for Evac and Supply Aid, and have requested that all Commanders able to help out in either rescuing the stranded refugees, or bringing in supplies to assist. A warning to all Commanders assisting in the evacuation, the interior of the stations are currently far above safe thermal levels, and will very rapidly overheat any ship that passes through the Airlock, and with the airlocks currently in a low-power mode, the station is unable to supply oxygen to any Commanders entering with destroyed canopies. The Rescue Megaships also have only a handful of Medium Docks, and only 1 Large Dock, so all Commanders are to only spend necessary time in the Rescue Ship’s Docks.

Commanders Organize The Evac

While visiting The Oracle to provide Evac, I ran into a group of Commanders organizing the rescue effort, taking over Air Traffic Control, Station Security, and Ship Repairs into their hands at the station; meanwhile the Rescue Ship was being organized into an orderly line for the Large Dock. The Commanders were there to keep the Evacuation Process running as smoothly as possible, as well as safe as possible for any unshielded ships, after seeing the Commanders in action I asked if I could join them for a few hours, and was happily shown how to perform ATC comms. There have been reports from the other few stations that other Commanders have also started up Traffic Control to aid in the evacuation.

Type-10 Defender

The Alliance, with the cooperation of Lakon has recently announced that the Type-10 Defender will be making its way to station shipyards very shortly! After a leak of the ship’s existence had been sent to all Commanders earlier this year, a number of Commanders have been itching to try out this new ship.

The Details: Information about this ship has been closely guarded by Lakon, but after a few leaks from Lakon engineers we have been able to confirm a selling price of 124 Million Credits, and a number of large hardpoints tightly around the front of the ship. This ship has been researched and developed for the *sole purpose of killing Thargoids* providing enough firepower, mobility, and armor to be able to tank large barrages from both Thargons and Thargoids. The ship has also been reported of being capable of over a 1000t of cargo space, which will make the ship equally good at Trading as it will be at Anti-Xeno operations.

Interesting Places

WASP-77 A 1 [-74.345/44.555] – This hole in the middle of a mountain on this 8G world has been nicknamed Canonnball Pit after a recent competition. Any Commander brave enough to land there will be met with a decent challenge.

If anyone has any feedback about the Bugle or any suggestions for sections or events to report on, I would love to hear it. Thank you to all of my weekly readers for supporting and taking the time to read my articles at the end of each week.

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