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The Biscuit Bugle – INRA

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Welcome to the 9th article of the Biscuit Bugle. This week we’ll cover INRA, the group of Federation and Imperial scientists that formed quite a few years ago, and was one of the main reasons why we survived in our first encounter with the Thargoids.

Little is known about this mysterious organisation, with most of the information either being lost in time or covered up. Some of the information about INRA that has survived throughout the years hasn’t been proven yet, and until it can be proven it can only be given as rumours or stories and will not be covered in the article.

Cover Image: Traikoa FL-P E5-4 Black Hole, courtesy of Sanzh via Reddit/Imgur

What was INRA?

The Intergalactic Naval Research/Reserve Arm, or INRA, was formed in 2900 after a series of Federation-Empire peace talks, in which resulted in a joint task force being created. Though it wasn’t until 3123 that the Federation and Empire officially announced the formation of INRA.

The task force originally started out as intended, and developed the Adder, which started production in 2914, and possibly worked on the development on other ships.

In 3123 the Federation and Empire came together once again to officially announce the existence of INRA, as well as the creation of the INRA Attack Wing, along with asking the citizens of both powers to enlist in the INRA Attack Wing. During this time INRA’s purpose shifted from research and development of spacecraft and living quality improvements and began to start research, development, and combat against the Thargoids.

INRA Attack Wing’s History

After 2950, when reports of the Thargoids began to be publicized across the bubble, and the beginning of the Thargoid invasion in 2955, INRA began to shift their focus from improving the quality of life in space to the research and development of technology to fight the Thargoids. The official announcement of INRA’s existence occurred in 3123, along with the creation of the INRA Attack Wing, a private army that had both military pilots and enlisted civilians; the main purpose of the INRA Attack Wing was to fight off the invading Thargoid forces, which were currently at a stalemate with the GalCop Navy around Alioth.

In 3193 INRA had finished the development of the Super-Mycoid fungus; the only reported use of the Mycoid fungus was in a battle in Alioth between INRA and the Thargoid fleet. Soon after the use of the fungus the Thargoid fleet was reported retreating from humanised space, and a period of recolonisation begins. After the success of the Mycoid fungus information on INRA begins to vanish, and only trace amounts of information are left about the group are attacks and assassination attempts performed by the group, with the last report of INRA in 3262, shortly before the group was disbanded.

Thargoid Material/Data CG Successful

The request for Thargoid materials and data was met with a resounding success thanks to the support received from Commanders willing to brave the ominous Thargoid Sites as hundreds more protected them on their way back to Neville Horizons. An Alliance spokesperson was quick to curb enthusiasm after the CG ended, however, informing media that such things take time to analyze, while also reassuring us that their scientists are working non-stop to learn more about the Thargoids.

The ’Alien Tsar’ and Aegis

The Chief of Federal Security, Admiral Aden Tanner, has been reported to now be collaborating with Aegis, the combined scientific effort between the three superpowers. Some worry that such a partnership will shift the focus of Aegis from a scientific to a militaristic view. Tanner explains that he wants peace and that the current priority of Aegis is to determine the scale of the Thargoid presence in human space.

Additional Guardian Ruins Found

A couple weeks ago Commander Den Elton found new Guardian Ruins near the Eta Carina Nebula. His search consisted of dividing sections of space into boxes and thoroughly examining each and every system within the boxes with the hope of confirming that there was a cluster of ruins waiting to be found, or that the few already discovered ruins are all there is. This approach, after weeks of searching, eventually rewarded him with 3 ruins on the same planet, 2 of which are within 3 kilometers of each other. Hats off to you, Commander, for your dedication and patience in your search! (Source)

Interesting Places to Visit

Traikoa FL-P E5-4 – A Planetary Nebula with a black hole at it’s centre that’s 5,000 ly away from the bubble in the Colonia direction. A beautiful sight as the black hole creates a great distortion of the bright blue nebula. If you enjoy the Maia Black Hole you’ll definitely love this one.

If anyone has any feedback about the Bugle or any suggestions for sections or events to report on, I would love to hear it. Thank you to all of my weekly readers for supporting and taking the time to read my articles at the end of each week.

Written by: CMDR Science0 and CMDR turkwinif Date: 04/09/3303

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