Biscuit Bugle PSA: Pleiades Evacuation

Biscuit Bugle PSA: Pleiades Evacuation

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This is an important announcement from the Citizens for a Vivisection Free Humanity

The Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades, and are currently swarming over Maia and its surrounding areas. All civilians are to evacuate immediately, for those without ships please report to the nearest designated evacuation point. It is advised that pilots steer clear of picking up any Thargoid Sensors, Thargoid Probes, Thargoid Links, or any Escape Pods for the time being if a Thargoid detects your ship carrying any one of these items, you’ll be forced to jettison it or it will become hostile. All pilots are also advised to stay at least 500m away from any Thargoid ships, as if approached too closely they will turn hostile. The Thargoid ship is capable of keeping up with any ship, for their size, they are extremely agile and capable of reaching speeds of 600m/s+

There have been reports of hyperdictions in the Pleiades area, followed by an EMP pulse and a scan from the Thargoid ship(s), and if the pilot is carrying any cargo the Thargoid wants, they will turn hostile before the ship’s controls come back online. Thargoid weaponry is no joke either, being capable of shredding Anacondas, Corvettes, and Cutters to shred within seconds, all without being scratched by human weaponry. The Pilot’s Federation is not responsible for any damages or destruction of any pilots’ ship, so if any commander wishes to travel through the Pleiades, extreme caution is advised.

Written by: CMDR Science0 and CMDR turkwinif Date: 26/09/3303

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