Canonn Competition Closes

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Canonn Competition Closes

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The Gnosis is finally back in Varati after many years of adventures in the black and now starts its new role as a tour bus around the bubble. Back in June, we asked you to make a film to commemorate the Gnosis with some fabulous prizes of lab equipment that we just happened to have lying around in a store room and no longer needed. We had many many videos submitted and the Council watched all six of them.

After much deliberation and epic quantities of gin, the Council have now reached their decision. But first the entries.

Fun at The Gnosis by CMDR ShawsideCustoms: We did expect that there would be some videos of the cone sector incident and it certainly looks like he had fun. Believe it or not this video was one of the front runners but then it was the only video submitted at the time.

Gnosis Day 1 Kill Comp: By commander Ryan_m17. Another heart warming video of the glorious cone sector incident showing how the smiling dog crew protected the Gnosis from all the neer-do-wells who turned up to gank our scientists… wait! hold on a second. RYAN! Captain Rebuy said “You’ve e got to admire Ryan and friends’ single mindedness in blazing their own trail”

My Gnosis scrapbook: By CMDR Darwin. What distinguishes Darwin’s video from the first two is that he made is video specifically for the competition and pulled together images from all the events he was present at as well as visiting the Gnosis on its final leg of the journey.

Leaving on the Gnosis: CMDR Ecthelion. This is another golden oldie from the Cone sector. A soothing tune and some very well put together footage made this a pleasure to watch.

The Gnosis Launch: By CMDR Ecthelion. A second entry by Ecthelion, yes.. there is nothing in the rules against entering more than once or sending in old videos. Lovely footage of the Gnosis outside Varati on the day she was commissioned set to an epic sound track. Nice!

The Picture of the Gnosis: CMDRs Wotherspoon and Beetlejude: Yes that’s right commander Wotherspoon from Galnet News Digest and renowned space artist Beetlejude, put together this charming and quirky documentary of the adventures of the Gnosis and the creation of a magnificent chalk drawing that now has pride of place on Dr Arcanonn’s fridge.

So there you have it, there are no more entries, no more gin and no more votes to be cast. The Council have made their decision and I can announce….

Coming in third place is “Leaving on the Gnosis” by Ecthelion.

Second place goes to “My Gnosis Scrapbook” By Commander Darwin

But a well deserved first place goes to “The Picture of the Gnosis” by CMDRs Wotherspoon and Beetlejude. Dr Arcanonn said: “Some good ones indeed but The Picture of The Gnosis just has tons more about it especially in terms of the history and humour”

It turns out that we really need the store cupboard for the incoming shipment of gin so we have decided to award a flask to second place as well as the winners. We will be in touch with the lucky winners so we can get rid of our junk.

Winning Entry “The Picture of the Gnosis” by CMDRs Wotherspoon and Beetlejude

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