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Gnosis – I’m Going Home

With the Gnosis back home in Varati, we commence her decommissioning. Switch off the centrifuges, disable the chromatographs, unplug the electron microscopes and lock away the glassware. We’re going home.

Canonn Competition Closes

The Gnosis is finally back in Varati after many years of adventures in the black and now starts its new role as a tour bus around the bubble. Back in…

Gnosis Competition

To commemorate all the fun times we have had with the Gnosis megaship, we are running an open competition to create a video based on or around the Gnosis.

OCD – Gnosis – #B#

The Official Canonn Deployment vessel OCD – GNOSIS – #B# is currently outfitting in the PANOI system to make ready for her first deployment. Bookmark the carrier to keep track…

We Still Have Gin

You may have heard rumours that the Gnosis has been repossessed by the pilot’s federation, You should not believe every rumour you hear.

Gnosis Jump Fails

We’re stranded. The frame shift drive is out, multiple systems have failed. We’re not going anywhere for a while. When the Hydras hyperdicted us, we could barely keep the ship in one piece, let alone get ourselves further out to safety.


Here We Go

As we start to think about battening the hatches and warming up the jump computers, we take a quiet moment to think of those we care about, where we’re going, and what might be waiting for us there.

We salute you, all. Let’s do this.

Biscuit Bugle Article 10: Thargoids and The Gnosis

Welcome Commanders to the 10th article of the Biscuit Bugle! This week we’ll be covering the recent events that have unfolded in the Pleiades area of space, along with a few announcements.