CFN Report – Gnosis Jump Report and Dr Arcanonn

CFN Report – Gnosis Jump Report and Dr Arcanonn

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Gnosis special report with CMDRS Theodore Shamahl, Larzok and Dr Arcanonn addresses the Galactic Community aboard the Gnosis.

Full text of Dr. Arcanonn’s speech below:

Today we stand on the edge together, as we have so many times before. There are those who do not want us to take this leap of faith into the unknown….. There are those who’s reasons remain a mystery and yet expect us to blindly obey to their restrictions……….By being aboard the Gnosis today I can only presume that ALL of you have chosen to to defy the boundaries placed upon us…. unless you have experienced an extremely ill timed ship breakdown…..Anyway …….I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all….Gnosis Crew, Canonneers, Explorers, Traders, Miners, Mercs, Pirates, and ill advised tourists…..for joining us on this voyage, wherever it may lead. Dr. Arcanonn out.

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