Eagle Eye Status : Week 7

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Eagle Eye Status : Week 7


This week saw big changes from the Eagle Eye system. This week for the first time we saw six inhabited systems targeted, and no targets pointing to known Thargoid bases or barnacles. This presents a problem for anyone wanting to defend humanity against the Thargoids – where to defend?

Looking at the systems the situation becomes clearer:

  • Jemetani and Esuvit have been allocated Aegis megaships, so Aegis has been convinced these systems are under threat. This is despite seeing no Non-Human Signal Sources, and also despite the systems lacking the Ammonia worlds that we know the Thargoids are interested in. It seems that Aegis has fallen for Thargoid decoy signals fed to Eagle Eye.
  • Chan Mina and Nankul have recently been attacked by Thargoids. Both have attacked Megaships and both have Distress Calls where attacked Farragut Capital ships can be found – and these ships are where the Eagle Eye systems are pointing. Most likely the Thargoids were passing through these systems while scouting the area.
  • Deriv-Dar and LP 581-36 both have Ammonia worlds, and high Non Human Signal Source counts. These seem the systems most likely to be attacked.

So this week despite having more possible targets we actually still have the same number to defend – Deriv-Dar and LP 581-36 are both attracting a lot of support, and there is hope that both can be defended as we have the whole week to mount a defence:

CMDR support for targeted systems

One more final thing to think about. Canonn have produced a new map showing how the Thargoid attacks are progressing. This seems to indicate that the attacks are following two branches since leaving the Pleiades, and there appears to be a pincer movement where Sol is between those pincers.

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