Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena

Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena

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We are proud to host CMDR Urania Minora’s study of the Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena, which aims to bring an understanding of the relationship between the Harvard Stellar Classification of a primary star, and what phenomena may be discovered in a system, as a help to guide exploration efforts. The research paper examines details for phenomena of specific interest to Canonn scientists establishing potential patterns and biases from a detailed analysis of available data from 3.28×10^7 known explored systems:

We present a study of potential relationships between Harvard stellar classification and notable phenomenon that have been discovered and cataloged in the Milky Way.

Keywords: Barnacles — Bark Mounds — Brain Trees — Crystalline Shards — Guardian — Habitable Worlds — Lagrange Clouds – Sinuous Tubers — Terraforming — Thargoid — Tube Worms

Article in full:
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CMDR Urania Minora (discord ID Astro74205#7457)

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