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Gnosis Competition

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The competition is now closed. Entries are with the Canonn Council for review before a winner is chosen, and the Council wish to give their thanks to all who entered.
Gnosis Video Competition

As you will no doubt be aware, the Gnosis is being retired from active exploration and will be repurposed as a science tour bus in the bubble.

To commemorate all the fun times we have had with the megaship, we are running an open competition to create a video based on or around the Gnosis. The topic is completely up to you. It could be a documentary of the megaship’s history, It could be a completely fictional drama, a megastructures style documentary of all the technical features. How about a mockumentary or a music video? Perhaps you could do a better job of creating a commercial advertising the tour guide than we did?. You decide.

We are going to give you plenty of time to complete this project. The competition will close on the 3rd of September 3306. The winning video will be chosen by the Canon Council who will announce the winner on the 10th September 3306, when the Gnosis jumps to its final destination in Varati ready to commence its duty showing rich passengers the sights and science close to the bubble.

Winning Prize

The winning filmmaker will receive one of the fabulous water flasks shown in the picture. You will also be able nominate up to two other people for a flask so you can reward any commanders who assisted you with the video.

The competition is open to members and non-members alike

You can submit your entry using the google form:

  • Do not use any media without the owner’s permission
  • You agree to allow your video to be featured by the Canonn Media youtube channel
  • The Canonn Council decision is final
  • Bribes are not refundable.
  • Entries must be received by midnight on the 3rd September
  • Use of naughty words will not disqualify your film, but may be taken into consideration when judging

We have also opened a guest book for commanders who have stayed on the Gnosis and hope to create a printed souvenir from commander submitted comments and pictures. Please leave us a message on the guest book.

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