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Here We Go

As we start to think about battening the hatches and warming up the jump computers, we take a quiet moment to think of those we care about, where we’re going, and what might be waiting for us there.

We salute you, all. Let’s do this.

Biscuit Bugle Article 10: Thargoids and The Gnosis

Welcome Commanders to the 10th article of the Biscuit Bugle! This week we’ll be covering the recent events that have unfolded in the Pleiades area of space, along with a few announcements.

Gnosis Gets a New Coat of Paint

Following the success of her maiden jump, due to some minor micrometeorite scuffing along sections of the outer hull, the painting team were dispatched to keep her looking tidy, only this time with pots of Canonn Orange paint. 

The Gnosis

The ship was constructed by an appeal to the wider community, and provides docking, repair, outfitting, and market services to all. It originally moved on a weekly schedule decided by…

CFN Special Report: Canonn Decals

After a busy two weeks for Canonn, the Canonn Megaship Gnosis is prepped and ready in Varati following an incredible community effort for the latest Canonn CG.  A staggering 35,004,050…

CFN Special Report: Gnosis Arrival

The successful Canonn CG has resulted in the Canonn Megaship arriving in Varati.  The megaship – named Gnosis – is an Asimov class science vessel with an estimated by unproven jump…

CFN Special Report: Gnosis CG Completion

In what can only be called a resounding show of support from both the community at large and Canonneers, the project to get the science vessel Gnosis operational has finished…

CFN PSA: The Gnosis

A special Public Service Announcement that the upcoming CG is confirmed to be held in the system LTT 377, with Computer Components, Tea and a surprise commodity being required to help build…