Desperately Seeking Stronzini

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Desperately Seeking Stronzini

At 17:01 on the 18th December 3306 the Canonn alert server received a message from the ship of Commander Stronzini informing us that the FSS Scanner had detected a Threat 0 Non Human Signal source in Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1.

This is a significant find because Threat Zero Non Human Signal sources have not been seen since the 11th December 3304 when Commander GralAntilles found one in Delphi (Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55)

Threat Zero Non Human Signal sources at that time were usually found in proximity of an ammonia world and would contain an unaccompanied Thargoid Probe. They were extremely rare.

We do not know the true significance of this find but can only speculate that perhaps it could be connected to Sirius Atmospherics’ investigation into transforming Ammonia worlds and that this could signal and escalation of Thargoid interest in human activities, which are centered on the Ammonia World, Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1 6

We would ask all independent pilots to visit the area and search for another Threat Zero Non Human Signal Source and investigate it. Please make sure you have our software installed on your ship so that we can monitor the situation if you are disabled or destroyed.

We do not believe that commander Stronzini dropped in on the signal source but we are trying to locate the commander so that we get find out more.

Commander Stronzini. If you are reading this please get in touch.

Commander Stronzini has been found safe and well and has confirmed that the NHSS 0 contained a probe.

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